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  1. Chefgibson

    Withdrawn Withdrawn

    Opening these babies up for possible sale or trade. DM for inquiries. CCK 1303 with custom handle and Saya included $200 Hiromoto 240 AS with spa treatment, koa handle, and Saya included $400 Tanaka 270 kurouchi blue 2 with Saya $200 Nora knives 7.5 inch kiritsuke gyuto $400 Will entertain...
  2. Chefgibson

    Stone suggestions

    I currently have a jns 300, shapton glass 500, 2k, 16k and a nice aizu. Been using an omura as nagura and for flattening the Aizu. And a naninwa 220 flattening stone on the rest. What's next? I love the naturals but am not ready to invest in a finisher yet. Looking to possibly try some...
  3. Chefgibson

    Hello from Ontario canada

    Hello guys, been lurking for a while and probably know many of you from instagram. Im a small town chef with a passion for knives and stones, slowly making my way through this big rabbit hole. knife buy and sell is gone or is membership needed? I'm always interested in trades, trying different...