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    WTB Shigefusa 300mm Yanagiba & Shig 180mm or 210mm Deba

    Looking for a 300 or 330 shig yanagiba - let me know what's out there! Preferably kasumi, but might be able to spring for those pretty wavy lines.
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    WTS Shigefusa Nakiri KU, Gesshin Hide 240 gyuto, Gesshin Heiji 240 gyuto

    All prices exclude shipping but include Paypal - shipping available worldwide just let me know the location and we can split it. Shigefusa Nakiri 165MM KU, this knife is stupid sharp, has a slight knick on the tip that was there from the previous owner, I didn't want to loose the cutting edge...
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    Gesshin Hide Blue #2 Gyuto, Takeda AS Classic Gyuto, Gesshin Kochi Santoku

    Gesshin Hide 240mm Wa-Gyuto Blue #2 - $400 shipped. This one is an early example, and it was thinned a bit by Matus to approximate what the JKI line did eventually, moving to a thinner grind. Fantastic performer. Blue #2, Kasumi, soft carbon clad. I haven't changed the profile since these were...
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    yoshikazu ikeda honyaki gyuto (210 or 240mm)

    Looking to pick up a yoshikazu ikeda wa gyuto, either 210 or 240mm. Preference for white, but open to blue steels as well! If interested in trades, I've got a great ohira renge suita, gesshin hide 240mm wa gyuto, takeda 240mm gyuto, and a few others that I'm open to trading out. Thanks!
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    Honyaki Gyuto 240mm (Mizuno, Tesshu)

    Interested in picking up a honyaki gyuto- unicorn would be something like a Mizuno Blue, but interested in Tesshu, Watanabe, Konoseku, Gesshin Hide as well. Seriously interested in all, because they're all hard enough to hold in my hands that if I can find a reasonable price used, it's OK to...
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    Hi from Chicago

    Glad to be on the forum - got indoctrinated into the world of Japanese Knives through visits to Korin (Suisin Inox Honyaki 240MM Wa-Gyuoto) and JKI (Jon is amazing...already near half a dozen knives from him). Excited to be in a land of kindred spirits!