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  1. Chefgibson

    Looking for a new general use knife.

    I used the previous version AS tosaichi gyuto from sharp and I loved it. Lightweight laser with great retention and good fit and finish with great value. Always have decent sales and I'm sure they can help you with a stone
  2. Chefgibson

    What's in your bag?

    Sweet set. Love that pie cleaver :eek:
  3. Chefgibson

    Rehandling Chinese cleavers?

    It can be done :D
  4. Chefgibson

    Show off that colored handle

    I just have the one. But I'd say it's more of a full flat grind. Thin. Performs.
  5. Chefgibson

    Show off that colored handle

    I like more natural woods, but somehow this one came back into my possession.
  6. Chefgibson

    Show your newest knife buy

    Nice pickup! The edge and retention on these are amazing. Use mine daily :D
  7. Chefgibson

    WTS Heiji, Kagekiyo, HHH, Tojiro, Munetoshi

    I'll take the munetoshi and tojiro combo
  8. Chefgibson

    Withdrawn Withdrawn

    Definitely need more mazaki
  9. Chefgibson

    Withdrawn Withdrawn

    She would :LOL: But no, due to overwhelming response I decided not to sell. Was thinking to streamline.... Decided I just need more knives
  10. Chefgibson

    Withdrawn Withdrawn

    Knives withdrawn. Op can delete. Thanks
  11. Chefgibson

    Withdrawn Withdrawn

    Opening these babies up for possible sale or trade. DM for inquiries. CCK 1303 with custom handle and Saya included $200 Hiromoto 240 AS with spa treatment, koa handle, and Saya included $400 Tanaka 270 kurouchi blue 2 with Saya $200 Nora knives 7.5 inch kiritsuke gyuto $400 Will entertain...
  12. Chefgibson

    Hello from Western Canada

    Hello and welcome from Ontario :)
  13. Chefgibson

    Old Beater Meet New Beater

    Be fun to reprofile the old one into a small slicer / line knife :rolleyes:
  14. Chefgibson

    I built some knives storage solutions

    I love both designs. Awesome work and thanks for sharing :cool:
  15. Chefgibson

    Show your newest knife buy

    My second mazaki with bocote handle from Anton
  16. Chefgibson

    Chefs, who cooks at home?

    If possible DM me that soba noodle recipe. My kids are loving edamame and soba and ginger are my jam
  17. Chefgibson

    Chefs, who cooks at home?

    Loving this thread. I cook family style comfort food 50+ hours a week. I still love cooking food at home on days off and am always learning and exploring different rabbit holes. Try to help with meal prep and kids lunches for the rest of the week too. There are nights I will eat the cheap ramen...
  18. Chefgibson

    Seller's Remorse: Knives you've gotten rid of that you miss?

    Takeda, Nora, and a Carter. Don't regret it. Wanted to try other makers. But they were all exceptional and wish I still had them in my arsenal.
  19. Chefgibson

    What is your favorite stainless/semistainless steel knives and why

    I have the k&s tanaka ginsan pimped out version and you just can't beat it performance wise. Use it daily as a line knife and the edge retention is incredible. I also second aeb-l, had one by Nora and it performed superb
  20. Chefgibson

    First 5 WA Handles

    Some nice combos there. Impressive first batch