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  1. Henry

    Canadian Duty?

    What sort of duty would one pay when purchasing a knife from a vendor in Europe or the US? Also if one buys a knife from BTS outside of Canada, do they have to pay any duty when it crosses the boarder? Thanks in advance.
  2. Henry

    How can you tell if a knife has good heat treatment?

    I have heard people mention how certain knives have excellent heat treatment. How does one go about learning what is good heat treatment?
  3. Henry

    Who is the greatest Japanese blacksmith of our time still producing knives.

    In my quest to learn about Japanese knives, I have a question that will be controversial. However it could open up some discourse on what are good examples of Japanese blacksmithing. So here goes, "Which Japanese blacksmith still producing knives today will be considered the greatest of our...
  4. Henry

    Show us your Steak Knife

    Does have a good steak knife or other knife converted to steak knife? The Japanese steak knives I have seen has a slim profile. Kind of like a petty. I did not find this very good for steaks. I was looking for years for good steak knife and ended up experimenting with different profiles and...
  5. Henry

    What is the one knife you would never sell or trade?

    Not necessarily your best knife but the one value most for what ever reason. Please post pics and the reason. I love a good story.
  6. Henry

    Great Japanese Blacksmiths that few have heard of...

    Anyone have knives that made from lesser known Japanese blacksmiths that are of excellent quality? Please share.
  7. Henry

    Hello from Western Canada

    Hello, I have been using and collecting hand forged Japanese Kitchen Knives for about 6 years. I have also started to dable in knife sharpening also the past few years. I have learned a lot from this website and finally decided to join. I have over time collective a fairly large collection...