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    SOLD Devin Thomas ITK

    Not gonna last long
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    SOLD Xerxes Primus 2 gyuto

    Why do you guys always post nice **** when I’m at work
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    WTS Huge Uchigumori

    Do you know which mine it came from?
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    WTS Bill Burke hunter

    Pm him instead of digging up old threads
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    SOLD Maumasi 235 Gyuto

    Funds going to jnat?
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    WTS Legendary level Okudo Ocher sunashi suita (8Kg total)

    Carlos is a great guy to deal with. If you have that kind of spare cash lying around wait no more.
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    SOLD Mert Tansu VToku2 (V2) 255mm Western Gyuto

    If I weren’t in the no more new knives phase. Some one pick this up already
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    WTS Kato 80mm Petty

    I have one of its cousin. Awesome little worker
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    WTB Blonde or Marble buffalo horn rolls/cylinders

    I am interested in getting a bar as well
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    SOLD Raquin 230mm Brisket Killer

    Haha glad you did! I’ve been staring at this post for the past 5 minutes lol.
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    WTS Haburn Western 240 Gyuto

    I have one from Ian looking almost the same minus the fancy saya. They are absolute beasts and take a great edge and stay sharp!
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    SOLD Comet 280mm gyuto

    Dang if only I wasn’t at work
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    WTS a few things for sale

    Will take the koa, pmed you
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    WTS Large sale - Rader, Halcyon, Comet, Marko and more

    “Keeping a lot of other goodies that might go on sale later this month” I like the sound of this!
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    WTS Large sale - Rader, Halcyon, Comet, Marko and more

    Hot damn that rader! If only I could