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  1. Horsemover

    WTS Raquin Gyuto

    So the pictured knife is still available? :LOL:
  2. Horsemover

    WTS Evan Antzenberger Pairing Knife

    @T85 125SC. You still back in the kitchen?
  3. Horsemover

    SOLD Ikeda 240 Gyuto

    I had one and passed it on to someone that missed the deal but I completely agree with you. Can't be beat for the $
  4. Horsemover

    Show your newest knife buy

    I was telling labor of love I stumbled upon the Kato a couple days after he got his. I bought it not knowing what I was going to do with it. Considerations were stash it under the bed and look at it from time to time, pass it on to one of the many I know are looking for one or just use the...
  5. Horsemover

    WTS Evan Antzenberger Pairing Knife

    Just received this a week ago. Test cut some green onions. Sharp little knife...just too small for my preference. Passing it along. 80mm X 24mm pairing knife $235 including PayPal fees and CONUS shipping.
  6. Horsemover

    Show your newest knife buy

    The crazy thing is I emailed him and asked for specs. I think he sent me the product page. I am pretty much dead on with your measurements. 227g / 246mm x 53mm. I am fighting shadows but a couple quick pics.
  7. Horsemover

    Show your newest knife buy

    Well mine came in today...was told it was 270g but came in 227ish. Will get some pics and specs but looks very close to yours.
  8. Horsemover

    Knife findings

    Shig Usaba & Nakiri up at JNS
  9. Horsemover

    My favorite color is BLUE!.............A patina thread.

    Yanick Puig just received yesterday. Some onions. potatoes and garlic. 285 x 57 is perfect garlic knife 🤔
  10. Horsemover

    Show your newest knife buy

    The Yanick arrived today after a long wait. 285 x 57 242g. This thing is super nimble for the size and his wrought iron is fantastic. Love this one.
  11. Horsemover

    Show your newest knife buy

    I need to get some better pictures but up close those layers are spectacular.
  12. Horsemover

    Show your newest knife buy

    Raquin 215 x 55 wrought iron and 145sc
  13. Horsemover

    100mm Petty Passaround, looking for feedback

    I’d love to try it out. That handle 🔥
  14. Horsemover

    WTS Genkai Masakuni gyuto

    How many are available? Very interested in multiple quantities if available.
  15. Horsemover

    Milan Gravier Gyuto Passaround

    Very cool...not sure how I missed this. I have been following him and talking to him a fair amount on IG. Came very close to pulling the trigger on a few of his recent ones. Can’t wait to hear what people think. Just FYI he has a couple available on his website. Been eyeing up the one petty.
  16. Horsemover

    3D Printed Sink Bridge

  17. Horsemover

    Hello from Pittsburgh, USA

    The PA love is strong...hahaha. Erie guy here.
  18. Horsemover

    WTS Dalman Warikomi 240 / Martell Lava 52100 240

    Friday bump...Lot's of interest in splitting them up. Anybody up for the 240 pair?