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    WTB Kato 210 std, 210 kurouchi, santoku, petty, paring, or under 210 gyuto

    what's parking? Damn, I wish I had those knives.
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    Kanji ? Shigefusa Kitaeji

    The kanji doesn’t look like other newer Shigefusas... what do you mean by that? looks right to me but I don't own many of them so I might be wrong.
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    I visited the store in 2018 (Sunset Park). They do have Genkais. The Page you listed seems to be a page where you can order a knife according to the spec and sharpener that you desire with waiting times.
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    Any Australian members on here? Need a far fetched favor

    What’s this special shoe you need?
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    SOLD WTS kato standard 260 gyuto

    interesting.. Seki....
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    Public Service Announcement - Career Criminal Selling Fake Maruka Stamped Jnats on Buyee

    I still remember the day when I went to kyoto and Tokyo to buy stones from reputable stores. After payment, I was shown a draw of stamps and asked what I wanted it to be stamped with .. that was the day I started to ignore the stamps on stones
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    Show your newest knife buy

    The knife has the kao as the last kanji of the 5. You may have gotten it from elsewhere but Morehei is definitely the original source of it. (alot of place buy it from Morehei and then resell it .... e.g. hitohira, yahoo auctions, etc) Kato only adds the kao for Morehei. It is 100% standard and...
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    Show your newest knife buy

    it's from Morehi. That's a standard kato
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    Does Kiyoshi Kato make stainless clad knives?

    The only stainless kitchen knives he ever did are ATS34 . I only know of 2 made
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    Chan Chi Kee vs Leung Tim (a two-part comparison)

    where was your hotel that no one wanted to go to?
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    Chan Chi Kee vs Leung Tim (a two-part comparison)

    Have you visited Leung Tim store here in Sydney? They have a store here run by the son. I go there to buy kitchen tools every so often as they are down the road from my place
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    WTB Kato 210-220 STD/WH Gyuto BNIB

    Standard is what kato normally makes. The length is normally 5-10mm shorter than the stated length. WH is the profile that he makes exclusive for JNS. They run 10-15mm longer than the stated length
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    WTB Kato 210-220 STD/WH Gyuto BNIB

    Are you looking any kato between 210-220 or only WH between 210-220? 240 std is more like 230 at best
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    Shig alert

    It’s a 130mm ajikiri/kodeba. Good for small things like mackerel. Would be too small for any thing bigger than that. kasumi ajikiri are not very common but it isn’t cheap either. You can find kasumi 150-180mm deba in this price range too from shigefusa
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    WTB Shigefusa KU 150 single bevel petty

    Just did a stocktake and realised I'm missing a knife that I thought I had. please dm me if anyone wants to sell this.. Thanks
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    Shig alert

    That's a rare OEM piece. only has shig kanji on the Ura. no OEM brand kanji on the knife face. Just on the kiri box
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    Shig alert

    is your petty 135mm KU as well? Double or single bevel? I need that😄 I have 2 x 210 mm yanagiba and 1 x 240mm yanagiba. Still trying to hunt for the 270mm ku
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    Shig alert

    Shigefusa made all sorts of stuff in KU. I collect KU shigs so I have an interest in this. Gyutos under son’s brand and OEM. I have been trying to order a KU gyuto for years. They simply refuse. I have only seen 1 OEM deba and maybe a Usaba They also made Yanagiba, petty, Ajikiri, santoku...
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    Shig alert

    T They aren’t fake.. I have a few myself . How long is your yanagiba?