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    SOLD Konosuke Tetsujin 240 Gyuto

    Hi. I would like to trade my brand new Konosuke Tetsujin for a Takada Ginsan Suiboku 240mm. I would also consider the White #2 Suiboku. Thank you.
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    WTS Kippington

    Hi, I am selling this custom made Kippington. Condition unaltered. 400USD + shipping. I will cover 15$ of the shipping. From Australia.
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    WTS Fowler gyuto

    Hi. I'd like to sell a gyuto from Stephan Fowler, for the veterans here, one of Salty's favourite. Knife arrived last year to me from the maker, I wasn't happy with the thickness behind the edge so it has been thinned, sanded reprofiled and etched. After these works hasn't cut nor touched a...
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    SOLD Kono + Jiro

    Hi. From left to right : Konosuke FM Blue #1 Damascus 240, 700USD + shipping BNIB Jiro Yo (ebony) #99 240, 700USD + shipping WELL USED Konosuke FM Blue#2 270, 580USD + shipping BNIB The Jiro has been used, but never thinned, even though I attempted to polish the core with naturals. It...
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    SOLD Jiro Yo Petty, Santoku and Nakiri

    Hello. For sale 3 BNIB Jiros, far less common shapes than gyuto. #21 Yo Petty 150mm 500usd shipped #32 Yo Santoku 165mm 550usd shipped #171 Yo Nakiri 180mm 710usd shipped Knives are new never used, oiled them in boxes. I can upload extra pictures for peace of mind but otherwise the knives can...
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    SOLD Kemadi Gyuto

    Hi I would like to sell my Kemadi gyuto in bulat steel I used it for 4 weeks and I sharpened it twice, nothing aggressive. Specs are 246x56 228gr I enjoyed using this knife a lot, steel seems holding an edge for very long time, very good in push and pull cuts (see profile), it has a little...
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    WTS The9 gyuto

    Hi. I would like to sell my the9 gyuto. Used for 2 weeks straight and then put it aside. I sharpened the blade once, knife came with no edge, just a micro bevel. I asked Robert not to put any edge on purpose. Core steel is Blue #2, cladding is reactive damascus. Handle material is 2 tones...
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    Stone advice

    HI. This is polish territory, no sharpening. I have to find a stone which goes in between a JNS800 and a Naniwa Traditional 1500. I do have a Tanaka Kent 1000, but it scratches more than the JNS800, so I am not using it. There are few options in the 1000 range, but I want to hear from your...
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    WTB Konosuke Fujiyama White#2 gyuto

    Hi. I wonder, during these times when lots of people are unloading goodies, is there anyone with an old style (not FM) Konosuke Fujiyama gyuto in white#2 that likes to part with it? Length of 210, 240 and 270, are all welcome. Cheers
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    Your wishlist

    What's in your wishlist? If I had the money I will go for: - Takada Ginsan - Saji Ginsan - Saji Chuka - A few JNAT and synthetics What about you?
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    Takada Suiboku

    Hi guys. I have been watching this line of knives from Takada very closely for few months. I would love to know, from people who own this series, once the knife develop patina I assume that cleaning it off would ruin the suiboku finish? Can you guys share your experience on that? In fact I...
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    Morihei Hisamoto

    Hi. I didn't want to discuss about it on the newest knife buy thread. We agree Morihei Hisamoto is from Teruyasu, so.... How much where they going for few months back when they first launched and were not this popular? What was the price for a 'normal' gyuto 240 and a 'fine finish' one? And...
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    WTB Konosuke Shiraki Honyaki

    Hi. I am interested in a Konosuke Honyaki gyuto in Blue steel. If you have one and willing to sell, please PM me to discuss. Thank you.
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    Bought Takamura Uchigumo Gyuto 270/240mm

    Hi. I am looking for a Takamura Uchigumo gyuto 270mm, brand new only. Thank you.
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    SOLD Yoshiaki Fujiwara 240

    Hi. I recently received this kato from a friend. He bought it from CKTG in 2013 and never used it. Alas the long time storage caused some rust. By feeling it with the finger tips it looks and feel superficial. Please see the pictures. Also, this shape is not the standard one we are all...
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    Withdrawn Kato kikuryu western for Kono

    I have a Kato western petty 180mm kikuryu. The knife has been used twice only and never been sharpened. Comes from Maxim at JNS from 2013. I am looking for Konosuke Honyaki gyuto by Ashi Konosuke Togo Reigo gyuto, not the FM run Konosuke wide bevel Damascus gyuto Konosuke HM I already have...
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    Aussie buy from Japan

    Hi, this thread is for Australians. I just bought a knife off an auction in Japan. I have 30 days free storage at their warehouse before I make them ship the knife to me. As soon as I pay for the shipping they will post the knife. DHL is the shipping courier. If any of you Aussie is...
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    SOLD Kato 210 WH

    This is an old one from JNS, the chestnut handle is the one who fits best my hand so I am afraid I am going to keep it. The knife has been used, I put an average kasumi finish on it, has been sharpened but it is still in good conditions - in my opinion. If you are a collector don't buy this, if...
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    WTS Togashi Stainless Clad Blue#1 Gyuto 240 Mirror Polished - no handle

    Hi. Used for a meal prep for 2, like new conditions. Asking 550usd plus shipping. If you are in Australia contact me for AUD and shipping.
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    WTB Kambei wide bevel gyutos

    Hi folks. I am looking for these 2 models I am trying to compare the...