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  1. PotterMcMuck

    Help me choose a petty

    LOCATION What country are you in? Canada KNIFE TYPE What type of knife are you interested in? Petty Are you right or left handed? Right Are you interested in a Western handle or Japanese handle? probably Western, but I'm not discounting Japanese What length of knife (blade) are you...
  2. PotterMcMuck

    Another "Which knife should I buy" thread.

    I'm pretty new to this forum, and I'm very happy to see that this kind of thread is encouraged! I had decided that my next purchase would be a carbon steel santoku, but after reading a bunch of threads here I'm beginning to question that decision. So I thought I'd see what others would suggest...
  3. PotterMcMuck

    Hello from Quebec, Canada

    Hi everyone, I'm just getting started down the path of kitchen knives. I've always liked cooking but until recently I never really paid much attention to the tools I was using. I'm a straight razor guy, and have been into sharpening those for a few years now, so I had the whetstones already...