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    Bought Any good nakiri 180mm

    There is this pretty piece on BF:
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    SOLD Kochi Kurouchi 270mm gyuto

    Love the blade and the board. Not surprised this sold fast.
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    SOLD Mazaki 210

    Ha! That's what I get for mulling it over too long.
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    SOLD Mazaki 210

    What is the steel on the Isasmedjan? Great looking piece. GLWS!
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    300-ish Stone

    Ha! Hypocrisy is one of our most consistent traits. Sorry, wasn't aware of the current situation, but when things settle down to the new normal you can try it. It opens you up to the free shipping often available within the states, along with creative declaration options as you cross the border...
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    300-ish Stone

    I haven't tried the 320, but I believe that is a splash/go stone whereas the 400X requires 15+ minutes of soaking - I would imagine the splash/go to be harder and dish slower. When I lived up there, (Victoria/Cultus lake), I would use a shipping service just across the border for some...
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    300-ish Stone

    The Gesshin 400X is actually 320 grit. It does dish, but it's large enough to compensate for that. It gets quite muddy and hasn't left me with any unpleasant surprises, like deep gouges, while thinning.
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    Withdrawn Ikeda 226mm B#1 Gyuto

    Is this reactive, or stainless clad? Either way it's an unusual, and attractive piece. GLWS
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    WTS Jiro Tsuchime 240mm gyuto

    Hello, Is your sale price in USD, or CAD?
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    Full Review: Takamura Chromax 210mm

    Thanks for the thorough review. And I'm a little bit in love with your cutting board - someone took great care arranging those blocks.
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    SOLD Moving sale: Munetoshi honyaki 240mm gyuto

    Is that a custom handle on the Munetoshi? Or did the first batch come like that?
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    Been a while since we had a Cleaver chat.

    Does anyone have experience with the Matsubara Kiri Cleaver? A bit small and not cheap, but the stainless cladding may make it easier to maintain? Keep rereading the options mentioned here and vacillate between the simple Chinese carbon cleavers, and their pricier Japanese counterparts.
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    It is a lovely spot for sure. Certainly grateful to be living here. Traveling for work somehow only increases that.
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    I need a Hero!

    McMan - Thank you I will check him out. I live on the big island, where sadly, I'm the most competent sharpener I know, (that's more of a lament than a brag). But I travel to Oahu often so, I'll cautiously check out his shop. (I only say cautiously as I suspect I'll leave hundreds of dollars...
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    I need a Hero!

    Kagekiyo Shirogami #2, 150mm Petty Hello, Short version: Please contact me if you have the skills, stones, and inclination to revitalize this knife - I will be happy to hire your services. Long version: I purchased this knife new online as a birthday present to myself. I was attracted to the...
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    Thank you. Sadly, not yet. But half-way between North America and Japan isn't such a bad place to be - for knives or otherwise.
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    Hello, New here. Have an unhealthy appreciation for unnecessarily keen edges and fine craftsmanship. Own too many knives, both folders and kitchen. Look forward to the experience.