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    For the love of cutting: a cut-vid thread for all

    A raletively affordable Gekko Kurouchi Bunka is one of my favourite knives.
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    There are many reason why I prefer freehand sharpening. I enjoy learning and doing freehand sharpening. Sharpening systems kill all the fun. Freehand is compatible with every blade I own including straight razor, single bevel kitchen knives, planes, chisels, scissor, scandi grind puukko knives...
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    Doubt about Epicurean cutting board

    I didn’t say that. An egde grain board will have cutting marks after some use. It’s the unevenness of the cutting board that requires to use more force. Regardless of the force you use a soft wood board is good for the edge retention. Soft wood works well only when used in an end grain board.
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    Doubt about Epicurean cutting board

    End grain allows the use of soft woods. Soft end grain pine performs great. End grain’s ability to resist cutting marks allows a light contact between your knife and cutting board. Soft wood + light contact = knives stay sharp
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    the grandiose synth kasumi thread

    An old Mora knife after Morihei 500 and Morihei 1000. A medium fine natural stone will be the next step.
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    Stone recommendation: S&G stones for travel

    Suehiro New Cerax CR-2800. It’s not a true splash&go but it’s not too thirsty either. Shouldn’t make much of a difference. A 280/1500 combination stone is suitable for bevel setting and sharpening. The stone comes with a proper case/stand which keeps your precious stone in one piece when...
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    Handles With All Hand Tools?

    The tools I used when I made my latest knife handle: drill, saw, pencil, knife, plane, gas torch, brass wire brush and some sand paper. No need for any power tools.
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    Fastest cutting medium grit stone

    I stopped using Atomas for sharpening. I use them only for flattening my whetstones.
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    Show us your sticks (finished handle projects)...

    Some time ago I got a gyoto blade and made a handle for it. I burned, brushed and waxed the wood. Even though it's a soft wood handle I haven't had any durability issues with it.
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    Fastest cutting medium grit stone

    I don’t know if the cutting speed of a 1000 grit stone is that important. I think that you need a lower grit stone if the edge has some heavy damage and you want to fix this. For regular sharpening or removing the scratch marks of a lower grit stone you usually don’t need much cutting speed.
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    Oh yes, the King 1K is King....

    I prefer many stones that need less soaking, generate less mess and wear slower than King 1000. Lately I’ve been using Morihei 1000.
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    Show Your Newest Sharpening Gear

    Today I got more Morihei stones: 500, 1000 and Karasu 9000. Morihei 4000 I have had for some time already. There's also a new strop.
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    Touching Up Knives

    One might argue that touching up is all I do. It’s really rare that I use anything coarser than 3000 grit for my kitchen knives. Medium and coarse stones are not needed if there is not any unusual damage. Few strokes on a 3000-5000 grit stone and minimal amount of stropping on leather or...
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    Flattening coarse stones

    I use my Atoma diamond plates for this purpose.
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    Why don't people like Santoku?

    I tend to gravitate towards bunka and nakiri. Santoku feels too compromised to my taste. Santoku’s tip is not as usefull as bunka’s tip is and nakiri has really good shoveling capabilitie. Bunka and nakiri also look good.
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    Fastes stone for larger repairs (chiped chisels etc)

    I agree with Bobby2shots. You want to have mirror polished bevel and back of the chisel. Only then your chisel can function like it’s supposed to be. The damage was so small, that any coarse stone should be fast enough to fix it.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Roselli Chef Knife (UHC-steel). The factory bevels didn't unleash the whole capability of the steel so I had to fix that. Now the edge is really keen and I'm looking forward to see how good the edge retention of this steel is.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Yu Kurosaki Bunka Fujin Super Aogami 16.5cm. 'Fujin translates as the God of Wind in Japanese, and it aptly describes the great looking tsuchime finish that master blade maker Yu Kurosaki has created for his new line of knives.'
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    Fastes stone for larger repairs (chiped chisels etc)

    Chisels are not that challenging blades. Carbon steel and relatively small bevel area is a nice combination. Debado works fine using the whole surface of the stone. Once I bought an used Shun Pro Sho Yanagiba. The previous owner had created a huge secondary bevel. At first I tried to take out...
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    Fastes stone for larger repairs (chiped chisels etc)

    There is a huge difference in hardness. Haidu feel pretty hard and Debado is soft. The feel is totally different. Debado wears out much faster than Haidu.