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  1. bahamaroot

    Petty/Utility Recommendation

    LOCATION What country are you in? USA KNIFE TYPE What type of knife are you interested in (e.g., chef’s knife, slicer, boning knife, utility knife, bread knife, paring knife, cleaver)? Petty/utility Are you right or left handed? Right Are you interested in a Western handle (e.g., classic...
  2. bahamaroot

    Damascus vs Suminagashi

    What is the difference between Damascus vs Suminagashi?
  3. bahamaroot

    WTB Toyama 300mm Sujihiki

    Anyone have buyers remorse or just have one lying around gathering dust let me know.
  4. bahamaroot

    WTS Toyama Noborikoi 210mm Damascus Gyuto BNIB

    For your consideration: Toyama Noborikoi 210mm Damascus Gyuto BNIB Knife is new, never used or sharpened, still has the shipping oil on it. 212mm x 50mm and 181g/6.38oz. $575 shipped, US only. Now $550
  5. bahamaroot

    HHH 240mm AEB-L #'ed Production Gyuto

    Making room for more toys so for your consideration is an HHH 240mm #'ed Production Gyuto in AEB-L. Original purchase thread from KKF. Anyone that knows Randy Haas knows he only sells quality! $215 shipped conus only. Knife has never been sharpened and still has a very sharp edge that was on...
  6. bahamaroot

    NIB Hiromoto AS 240mm Gyuto

    I have a new never used or sharpened Hiromoto AS 240mm Gyuto. "THE" original classic work horse. Bought this right before they became unavailable for good, just can't bring myself to use it. Need to make room for other pieces and thought this might be better off in a home were it's more...
  7. bahamaroot

    Goko 150mm Petty

    White#1 in stainless clad. Chestnut handle. Will ship in original box. $90 ConUS. Only used a few times, in like new condition. Never sharpened, a few strokes on bear leather strop last time it was used. Almost no pitina on the cutting edge yet. Bought this for my wife in December and she...
  8. bahamaroot

    WTB - Art of Knife Sharpening DVD Set by Dave Martell

    Anyone have Dave's sharpening DVD set that's just sitting around gathering dust and you want to sell it send me a PM.
  9. bahamaroot


    Hope you had a happy birthday!
  10. bahamaroot

    Joke Of The Day

    Randy's giveaway thread was so much fun why not start an ongoing joke and picture thread. If you have a joke or funny picture post it here.
  11. bahamaroot

    Kenzo WIP Thread

    OK Jon, This is a thread you can keep going for a very long time! We want to see pictures of little Kenzo and lots of them. Pictures of he and mom, pictures when he smiles, Pictures when he first sits up, pictures when he starts to crawl, pictures when he starts to walk, pictures of his first...
  12. bahamaroot

    Thanks toddnmd

    Thanks for the heads up, I didn't know about until your message!
  13. bahamaroot


    We want pictures! Pictures of anything and everything! More pictures! Pictures of your dog, your house, your family, your car, anything! But mostly your work! We love pictures!:D
  14. bahamaroot

    Naniwa Aotoshi 2k Green Brick

    Naniwa Aotoshi 2k Green Brick lightly used, this thing really is a brick. $50 Conus
  15. bahamaroot

    Bread Knife

    Hey guys, I think I'm going to get my mother a nice bread knife for Christmas this year. She cuts a lot of breads and fresh rolls. I'm not a bread knife user and know little or nothing about them. What is your favorite or a quality bang for the buck bread knife? $100+/-
  16. bahamaroot

    Tip Sharpening

    I've always had a hard time keeping a sharp pointed tip on my knife. And then I found this..... Hallelujah! Nice sharp pointed tips again! Just wanted to say thanks Jon For sharing your knowledge with the world!
  17. bahamaroot

    Look What I Found!

    I got home from work and found a big box on my porch. When I opened it what did I find but a beautiful BoardSmith Board! My new "Magnum 432" Dave --> The board is beautiful! It's going to be hard to use it!
  18. bahamaroot

    Arashiyama 1k & 6k

    FS a lightly used Arashiyama 1k stone baseless version in original box $40 shipped conus. Very lightly used Arashiyama 6k stone baseless version in original box $58 shipped conus. Both stones measure at least 24mm thick. Will post pictures if necessary.
  19. bahamaroot


    When do think your website will get straightened out?
  20. bahamaroot

    My name is Jeff

    And I have the bug for knives and stones. Have spent enough money in the last nine months that I'm close to divorce. I guess I'm going to have to buy a pair of shoes with every knife/stone!