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  1. Campbell

    SOLD Takeda 150 NAS Petty

    This is a Takeda 150mm petty in aogami super with stainless cladding and a nice maple handle. I bought it new, but haven't picked it up in many months. Its been used just a handful of times and has never been sharpened. It's thin and cuts well. $225 shipped CONUS.
  2. Campbell

    SOLD BNIB 215mm Watanabe Kintaro-Ame Cleaver

    This is Shinichi's light version of his Kintaro-Ame Cleaver. I got it direct from Japan a few months ago but I just have too many knives right now (including 6 other Wats). Andrew sharpened it up and put a nice kasumi finish on it. It's never seen the cutting board. One of you will enjoy it I am...
  3. Campbell

    Withdrawn BNIB Tanaka Yoshikazu Slicing Cleaver from JNS

    Hi KKF, Recently picked up a 220mm Tanaka Toshikazu Slicing Cleaver from Maksim but decided it is more knife than I want. Its completely brand new. I haven't cut a thing. $450 shipped CONUS.
  4. Campbell

    Bought Munetoshi Butcher

    Hello! Just seeing if anyone has a Munetoshi butcher gathering dust in the USA. PM me! Thank you!
  5. Campbell

    Hello from Washington DC

    Hey everyone! I'm a fellow enthusiast and home cook with a large family to feed. Looking forward to learning/participating on the forums!!!