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  1. JBroida

    Looking for suggestions for this blade with broken tang

    solder is usually not strong enough, but welding works and is common in japan for repairs like this
  2. JBroida

    Suerhiro Cerax 6K vs Suehiro Shiramine 6K

    yeah... in magnesia and resinoid stones, they are fired at lower terms and dies and coloring agents work. Ceramic stones are fired at higher temps, where those colors burn off. Chemical additions create color changes (i.e. cobalt for blue stones), and those chemicals tend to effect performance...
  3. JBroida

    Suerhiro Cerax 6K vs Suehiro Shiramine 6K

    for what its worth, coloring to ceramic stones does have an impact on performance and feel. Coloring in resinoid and magesia does not impact performance at all.
  4. JBroida

    Stop permasoaking without stones cracking

    it really depends on the type of binder they use with respect to how to dry them best. If they are resinoid stones, slowing down the drying process with a damp towel works well. If they are ceramic, ther's nothing to worry about. If they are magnesia, you're kind of boned already, as...
  5. JBroida

    Blazen Gyuto Gen 1?

    used to be sg1... they made the switch to sg2 over a decade ago though
  6. JBroida

    SOLD JKI diamond 6K

    FYI, these are not vitrified... they are resinoid... the vitrified one is the 800 here that you've tried
  7. JBroida

    Ryusen line blazen vs bontenunryu

    you've got it the other way around on hattori and ryusen... ryusen used to do OEM work for Hattori FWIW
  8. JBroida

    WTB /WTT for Vitrified diamond stone (coarse) either JKI or BBB or Practical Sharpening

    as long as the cladding isnt soft stainless... they hate soft stainless. If you need one, I can put together one or two more. Just been swamped over here, but have the stones... just not on bases yet
  9. JBroida

    Manual burr grinder?

    i enjoy my 1zpresso j-13 pro and comandante c40
  10. JBroida

    5-6k synth?

    we haven't produced the 5k in literally years
  11. JBroida

    Hattori hd? Or another series?

    kotobuki hon tanzou
  12. JBroida

    The History of Synthetic Japanese Whetstones

    i posted something on this years ago... I'll try to find it, but it might take me some time... not a ton of free time lately
  13. JBroida

    Sadanobu 貞信 Unagisaki Restoration Step by Step

    just a few notes... the shinogi line is far too high for a knife like this. The bevel angle will be more acute as is, thus making this more brittle than it should be for the use of this kind of knife. Also, the back could have been saved a bit better. By flattening this much, you've...
  14. JBroida

    Pride Abrasives? ( 600 )

    i've tried a number of their stones and they are all pretty nice
  15. JBroida

    Would you buy a Gengetsu 225mm semistainless gyuto if they were made available?

    same issues... need to meet a minimum, but its a less in-demand product
  16. JBroida

    Raising burr of every stone vs. only once

    if you email me, I've got a whole thing typed up about the process. Its nothing too fancy or complicated though.
  17. JBroida

    Raising burr of every stone vs. only once

    for single bevel knives... not as much for double bevel knives anymore. It works, but I've found much easier and more consistently effective ways to remove burrs.
  18. JBroida

    Raising burr of every stone vs. only once

    for what its worth, i sharpen using predominantly edge trailing pressure through the entire process. The most important thing isn't that you choose one way or another, but rather work with a logical system that is designed to work well and works well for you.
  19. JBroida

    Would you buy a Gengetsu 225mm semistainless gyuto if they were made available?

    the timeframe is already so long, the changes are rather insignificant as a whole