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  1. Mikeadunne

    Reuse vci paper?

    I'm not really talking long term storage here. It's just sometimes I may go a month or two without using a particular knife in my rotation.
  2. Mikeadunne

    Reuse vci paper?

    has anybody lined their sayas with vci paper? or would that open up the potential for extra moisture to be trapped inside?
  3. Mikeadunne

    Show your newest knife buy

    regretting not getting down on that offer when he posted it
  4. Mikeadunne

    Show your newest knife buy

  5. Mikeadunne

    Laser gyuto for professional kitchen recommendation

    buy that 240mm kono hd on bst. good value and will go through dense veg quite easily.
  6. Mikeadunne

    Least ugly way to prevent oil splatters

    Lol reminds me of the cones I put on my dog when she won’t stop biting herself.
  7. Mikeadunne

    mazaki knives

    damn, now I wish you hadn't told me this
  8. Mikeadunne

    SOLD Shibata Tinker Tank

    I was really hoping you just had a dry sense of humor, lol
  9. Mikeadunne

    SOLD Shibata Tinker Tank

    @Southpaw ?
  10. Mikeadunne

    SOLD Shibata Tinker Tank

    had a couple people looking for these lately, you might wanna do a quick search and reach out to them. Good luck with your sale!
  11. Mikeadunne

    Rounded the heel tip on Yoshi SKD

    Yes kind of, tbh the only Yoshi gyuto I've used was a coworkers one time so I don't have a lot of direct experience but it did come to a somewhat harsh dead stop which did prevent I guess you could say 'gliding'
  12. Mikeadunne

    Rounded the heel tip on Yoshi SKD

    I know you did this as a fix, but do you feel that it sort of mitigated the dead-stopness of the Yoshi flat profile?
  13. Mikeadunne

    Daily Knife Pics. Any Knife. Join In!

    How are you liking this??