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  1. Bico Doce

    WTB Konosuke Tetsujin 240mm

    Hello, I would like to see if someone could be tempted to sell their Tetsujin. I would prefer a cash deal but open to exploring trades + cash. Thank you for looking! edit: changed from Tetsujin to FM and back to Tetsujin after discussing the nuances between the 2 with another member
  2. Bico Doce

    WTS Konosuke Swedish Steel Gyuto 210mm (price drop)

    Hello, I would like to sell this Konosuke that I have had since March 2020, purchased from Ai&Om. It’s a lightweight gyuto that I have used more as a petty. I have sharpened it about 5 times. There are a few scuff marks that I have tried to highlight in the photos. Outside of the marks this...
  3. Bico Doce

    Traded Raquin Regular Gyuto 280 BNIB

    Hello! I purchased the regular gyuto from Raquin’s sale today, knowing that it is bigger than I would prefer (280mm). My hope was that I could use it to trade with someone for something smaller (230 - 250 mm). I am interested in the following: Raquin (regular, not KT), Isasmedjan, Yanick...
  4. Bico Doce

    SOLD HSC/// Nakiri (Drop)

    This was the knife that started my descent into the rabbit hole. I purchased this directly from Harbeer in March this year, via one of his auctions. I was so impressed with his work so I bought 2 more gyutos from him. I have used and sharpened this knife. It performs great I just have come to...
  5. Bico Doce

    Bought Dalman Gyuto 240mm

    I keep missing the Instagram notifications so I thought I would try here. I would love to try some of Dalman’s work, preferably a 240mm Honyaki gyuto. Thanks!
  6. Bico Doce

    Withdrawn Sam Goldbroch 26c3 San Mai Gyuto 205mm (drop)

    I had this knife posted before as my wife asked me to clear out a few so I had this for sale with a few others (as I wasn’t sure what would sell initially). When a few others sold I withdrew this knife because I felt like it had a good place in the line up as middle weight knife. Now that I have...
  7. Bico Doce

    SOLD Crooked River Forge 80crv2 Chef’s Knife 235mm

    This 80crv2 chef’s knife is from Tommy Matthew’s at Crooked River Forge. I purchased this in Feb 2020 prior to becoming accustomed to the gyuto profile. I won’t lie to you, I had just stumbled upon the show Forged in Fire and thought it would be cool to own a knife from a show winner, lol...
  8. Bico Doce

    SOLD John Boos Maple End Grain Chopping Block (Drop)

    Due to a manufacturer defect I ended up with a second BNIB Boos chopping block while being able to keep the first. So I am putting the brand new never used still in package block up for sale. Here are the specs as listed from Sur La Table where I purchased this Manufacturer: John Boos & Co...
  9. Bico Doce

    Withdrawn Togiharu Chinese Cleaver (Drop)

    Togiharu Carbon Steel Chinese Cleaver I got this as a gift and I just don’t find myself reaching for it, I guess Chinese cleavers aren’t for me. Only used a handful of times, never sharpened. Some patina has developed. Not much of a taper on the spine but it is thin behind the edge. here is...
  10. Bico Doce

    SOLD Pie Cutlery, Sam Goldbroch Gyutos/Chef Knives Price Drop

    I moved recently and made the mistake of displaying all of my knives on 6 ft of magnetic knife holders. Apparently my wife didn’t realize how big my collection had grown (and there are 2 more on the way!). Long story short I need to liquidate a few. I loved these knives, the only reason they are...
  11. Bico Doce

    Quarantined in California

    Hello! Like many of you I’m stuck at home and I have a lot more time on my hands. I am looking to learn more about kitchen knives, sharpening and maybe do a deal or two on BST. Thanks! David