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    WTB WTB CJA/Cris Anderson 270mm gyuto XT/XH to XXH/XXT

    Looking to get a 270mm gyuto, stainless steel, XT/XH to XXT/XXH range in height etc. Anyone have any they want to part with? prefer with a saya as well.
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    My new knife, collaboration between Mert Tansu and Randy HHH

    Randy made the handle and supplied the wonderful, high quality materials. MT made the blade in damasteel and saya.
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    mixologists out there. Drink recipe question

    Looking for a good, easy to make in mass, rum based frozen drink for a large BBQ that I am having. Any recipes would be appreciated. Thanks Chris
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    Audio & Video nuts

    I am looking to upgrade my home theater. I am looking between the 75" Sony Z series tv and the Samsun Q9 75" for tvs. Also looking to upgrade my receiver. Looking at the Marantz SR7012, but also open to listen to suggestions. Looking in about the $2k range for the receiver. Lastly, my...
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    Looking for a Scallops recipe

    I just got some nice U10 scallops. I am a home cook and don't cook scallops too often. Does anyone have any great recipes that they would be willing to share? Thanks Chris
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    Any bartenders that can help? looking for drink recipes

    I just got some Malibu peaches and cream rum. I thought that it would be easy to find some nice summery drink recipes for it. However, since it is so new of a flavor I am having a hard time finding options. Any suggests would be appreciated. Thanks
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    All Clad vs De Buyer

    I am guessing this has been asked before, but I didn't see a thread in a quick scan. The wifey wants to buy me some new pans etc. The question is All Clad(stainless) or De Buyer(Mineral B). Please feel free to chime in if you have had experience with both. Thank you,
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    Anyone have a really good lobster bisque recipe they are willing to share?

    Tried a few, some being better than others for sure. But really haven't hit what I wanted yet. So I am willing to trying stuff the great cooks here can offer. I usually am cooking for about 8-12 people when I make this. Thanks, Chris
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    Looking for good pulled pork recipes. Help please!

    I need them to be low carb with no sugar/mollases based stuff in them for a diabetic friend. Hoping to find some great ideas, maybe some mustard based sauces? Any and all ideas are appreciated. Will be grilling pork shoulder for this, but can cook other ways like slow cooker, crock pot...
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    Custom Knife Blocks

    First I would like to thanks the forum for letting me post this, particularly Andrew and Dave who helped me in this process. Next I would like to say that I am not affiliated in anyway with this company. I know a while back many of us were looking for custom blocks and our resident woodsmith...
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    Tailgating foods/recipe help please

    Looking for some new things to make for this Sunday's Jets Patriots game in NJ. I need to be able to cook it on an 18" Weber grill. Please give as much detail as u can so that I can proper make(and do justice) to your suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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    Japanese Tanaka silver st#3 chef knife pear Santoku 165

    Anyone have any experience with this knife? I am considering it as a gift for a friend for a house warming gift. She has knives that would be considered clubs to most of us. I would normally go for a gyuto, but she is scared of larger knives at this time. Please tell me anything u can about...
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    opinions on a kiritsuki

    I am looking to buy my first kiritsuki. I currently own and love both carbon and SS knives. I am trying to decide between the Doi, Suisin, Konosuki HD and Konosuki White steel kiritsukis in the 270 mm length. This new toy will be getting a nice wa-handle from Stefan. Please feel free and...