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  1. SpikeC

    Smithfield and Paula and China???

    First Smithfield pitches Paula over the side, then they sell the company to China. Coincidence?
  2. SpikeC

    Why Paula Deen should be banned

    Here is the real reason why Paula Deen should have all of her empire dismantled. This recipe is reason enough: Southern Baked Beans 1 large onion, diced 2 (16-ounce) cans pork and beans 3 tablespoons prepared yellow mustard 1/4 cup maple syrup 1/4 cup light brown sugar 4 tablespoons...
  3. SpikeC

    Stinky DeMayo

    Today someone backed a minivan into my Ducati and knocked it over onto its left side. This was bad enough, butt the worst part is that it caused the side stand mount to punch a hole in the crankcase, allowing oil to run out. This could easily result in the insurance company declaring it a "total...
  4. SpikeC

    NCAA Women's Semi finals

    Louisville just made history in the NCAA tourney, and 2 members of the team came from the Umatilla reservation here in Oregon! What a great game! The first #5 seed to make it to the finals!
  5. SpikeC

    I have been distracted........

    By my newest distraction! For a number of reasons I decided to move beyond my BMW R1100S motorcycle, and I have traded it in on a 2009 Ducati Monster M1100S. Instead of working with edge tools I have been working on personalizing my new to me moto. After 36 years with BMW motos this is a...
  6. SpikeC

    the Latest from Murry's newsletter

    What does this mean? "And remember, the kitchen knives we offer are probably the first ever riveted series with custom handles found anywhere."
  7. SpikeC

    Valentines gift for men

    While the text is in Japanese, the pictures are in English!
  8. SpikeC

    Baking soda, or baking powder?

    I understand the difference between soda and powder, what I don't understand is how they are used in a few recipes that I am playing around with. I am making waffles using almond flour instead of wheat flour. Most of the recipes that I find use baking soda, butt one uses both. It seems to me...
  9. SpikeC

    Paleo thanksgiving

    My wife's nephew is into body building and has jumped onto the paleo diet bandwagon. We are invited to the inlaws for the dinner. I am wondering where I can source a mammoth haunch to add to the dinner.
  10. SpikeC


    Last year I planted a tomatillo plant and got enough fruit for one small batch of chili verde. Some of the fruit landed on the ground and this year a plant came up from the seeds, it yielded over 4# from a totally ignored plant! So I am now on my second batch of chili verde, this one with...
  11. SpikeC

    Red Dog Tricks

    I had my motorcycle parked near the 6 ft fence along the driveway. I heard a commotion out there, I think a cat was teasing the dogs, I looked out the window to see Ho Tai bouncing off the bike and clearing the fence. Of course he wasn't wearing his collar. It's a good thing that he likes me and...
  12. SpikeC

    The dog ate my..........

    Camera!! Think I could save the card?
  13. SpikeC

    What to do with Apple Pie Moonshine

    My sisters boy friend gave me a jar of what is supposed to be Apple Pie flavored moonshine, disregarding for the moment how this could actually be considered moonshine, I am having a hard time coming up with something worthwhile to do with this stuff. It has a stick of cinnamon in it, and...
  14. SpikeC

    Another Cleaver ID question

    This has been answered butt I can't find it, so here it is again! I bought a cleaver from the local Asian super store and would like to know who made it. It looks very much like a CCK, but the stamp on the blade starts with "Extra", and the logo on the handle is a globe with a tiger rampant on...
  15. SpikeC

    Tomato Jam

    While I did not plant anything this year, last years Sun Gold cherry tomatoes decided to take over and replant themselves. They are coming ripe now, and I just found myself with 3/4 of a pound of cute little fruit sitting on the counter. As I am not much for raw tomatoes and the wife is in the...
  16. SpikeC


    A few minutes ago a fellow walked down the street in front of my house yelling "Tamales! Tamales!" I ran out and bought a half dozen pork tamales from him, and they are DEE-lichious! Ya gotta love free enterprise!
  17. SpikeC

    Pizza in the BGE!!

    I made some pizza dough with the sour dough starter that I have been nurturing! I built a pizza with some basil pesto that I froze last summer with fresh mozzarella and feta, chicken and heirloom tomato. It was looking really good, the Egg was over 700º and in 4 minutes it was ready. As I slid...
  18. SpikeC

    Women's soccer at the Olymics

    Holy guacamole!!! The USA vs. Canada women's soccer was the most amazing game I've ever seen!! 4 goals to 3 and the most thrilling ending imaginable!
  19. SpikeC

    On the Road

    I currently on the road and have intermittent Internet. I'm in Blyth California at this moment and headed for St. David Arizona at dawn tomorrow. We pick up our new '58 Airstream Overlander then and will be Dog knows where for the next several days following. If I am slow to respond to messages...
  20. SpikeC


    An example of why I hold the Japanese in high regard was shown in the newspaper earlier this week. Ichiro Suzuki was traded to the New York Yankees by Seattle, and the next day he led off the batting order for New York against Seattle in Seattle. The crowd gave him a standing ovation and he...