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  1. megapuff5

    SOLD 8" Kramer Zwilling Damascus

    Catch and release? Picked this blade up a couple months ago from KKF here WTS - Zwilling Kramer & Miyabi A few weeks after purchasing I got a magic e-mail offering the Hattori KD that I had finally given up on. This knife has been used in my home a few times, but still in like new condition...
  2. megapuff5

    WTS Murray Carter Damascus Petty 105mm

    My first time selling on here and read thru the guidelines, please let me know if I'm missing anything. I had Murray Carter make me this knife custom about 6 years ago and barely use it and stupidly I kept nothing but the box and don't even remember how much I paid. It's got a brass bolster...
  3. megapuff5

    Nano hone

    I was even at Starchefs international chefs Congress and the guy who uses to sell Sharpton stones was now selling his own brand and a device he created called nano hone. It seemed pretty cool, was wondering if anyone had any experience or thoughts with the nano hone?
  4. megapuff5

    Kramer Auction

    Hope its okay to post this here.. was wondering if anyone knew the final selling prices of the 2 auctions that ended yesterday? I know it's out of my price range and didn't spend the $1 to just see the final sale price. Admins if this post isn't allowed for some reason my apologies please delete...
  5. megapuff5

    Summer Fancy Food Show

    Anyone from Kitchen Knife Forums going?
  6. megapuff5

    New knife handle

    Was reading about this knife specifically the handle style. Think it's interesting but not sure how functional vs a wa or western handle. Not specific to the steel or blade, what do you folks think about the handle style...
  7. megapuff5

    Edge Pro Apex?

    I am a home cook, but with some high end knives (Nenox, Konosuke, Carter, and a couple Shun) and am looking for a sharpening set. Since I don't have much of any experience sharpening my knives I was looking at the Edge Pro Apex set. I've used spiderco sharpmaket in the past with some success...