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    Is there an index of KKF users' Instagram accounts?

    Sorry if this is already asked and answered, but I couldn't find anything via search... Is there a thread listing folks' Instagram accounts compiled anywhere? I'd love to cyberstalk some of you knife nerds. 😆 Cheers! Mine's Login • Instagram
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    Knife Line With Multiple Personality Disorder?

    In February Knifewear posted a reasonably priced line to their Instagram account. I thought that the 165mm nakiri looked a whole lot like one I had bought at CKTG maybe a year earlier. Upon closer inspection, I am pretty sure they are the same blade but with different names, maker marks and...
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    Time to stop lurking! Hi from Brooklyn!

    Hi all, skulking around the forums for a while, but 25+ years in this kitchen knife obsession doesn't seem to be abating, so I figured it's time to sign up. ;) The current stable: Knives: Masakage Koishi AS --- Gyuto 240mm, Bunka 170mm, Petty 75mm, Kamagata 110mm Kohetsu Blue #2 Nashiji ---...