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    Help me shop - want to buy - Computer Tablet

    Just to throw it out there, noise cancelling ear buds (I have apple pros). If you kindle these should be great
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    SOLD Kaeru 90mm SLD kasumi stainless paring

    I actually have 4 paring knives, maybe one or two of them is 120 but otherwise shorter. A short SS Ealy that is great in hand, like coring strawberries (similar but curved knife from HHH I gave to my parents). A smaller carbon knife that I use as a steak knife (when I use a wood plate) from...
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    Older Henckels carving fork.

    I like your statement of "some gaps"
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    Media ugliest. knife. ever.

    Actually spoke "what the ever living F*&%" out loud....and I live alone.
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    SOLD Kaeru 90mm SLD kasumi stainless paring

    This seems like a purchase to get free shipping...
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    Knife confessions...

    I laughed way to hard at this
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    Dinning table steak knives 90mm petty?

    I second the wooden plates if you are using a petty, but if you choose to use them on porcelain you would just need to sharpen, or at least touch up, pretty frequently if you want to maintain an edge. I have a set of Tojiro steak knives (not wa-handled) but if it just me I have wooden plates if...
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    OXYS Knives - Our Work

    That is a great looking knife, the handle and bolster really match the forced patina look.
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    Tojiro Gai Petty

    If you enjoy it then I think you got a good value knife. Just because something is more expensive does not automatically make it better.
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    META Kitchens - Your Tips, Tricks, Hacks, and Advice.

    I ordered a few of the OXO ones and will see how the caps hold up. I have fruit fly traps out (which do work), but they always seem to love the bottle of vinegar/water as well. Not talking a huge amount of gnats, but there always seem to be a few around. I always have some fruit and tomatoes out.
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    META Kitchens - Your Tips, Tricks, Hacks, and Advice.

    I use squeeze bottles for cooking (avocado oil) and the white vinegar & water mix to wipe down my cutting board. Mine don't have caps and the only annoying thing is that the vinegar/water mix seems to act as a trap for gnats/fruit flies. I started keeping a scrap of paper towel over it. I am...
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    Daily Knife Pics. Any Knife. Join In!

    I agree with @Knivperson in that it is a great looking knife! I assume it was custom, what kind of wait is his list, or is it closed?
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    Knives that make you go WHOA from the first cut!!

    Kochi was the first WHOA for me, but there have been many, many others since....the Kochi was even after a Devin ITK I believe
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    SOLD Xerxes 125SC Primus 240mm

    Love these knives, miss his holiday order for the states.
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    Damn it, now I want pineapple!
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    Football Season

    Go Cowboys! Hard to believe they are 6-1
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    Knife findings

    Just waiting on the 210mm Kaeru so I can gift a few
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    SOLD Kemadi Bulat 225

    Pretty fly for a white guy. How is this not part of that post?
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    KKF Fantasy Football League?

    That makes it sadder, I picked up Mattison in week 1-2, he is a solid handcuff.
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    WTS ATTENTION: PayPal Friends and Family - beware

    I definitely view post count as a valuable piece of info, a lot of purchases, and some sells, have been FF but I always understand, and often request, the other.