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  1. bryantcw

    How to remove JNS handle?

    Bought a kaeru 210, very similar to this knife, but not the “workhorse” grind. Maksim puts very long handles on his knives. I have a few spare handles and one of them I’d like to put on. For the life of me I cannot get his handle off. I’ve tried a 210° oven and a good pry bar in the vice, but...
  2. bryantcw

    Knife ID

    Ate at a wonderful sushi restaurant today in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m hoping someone can ID the Kanji on this knife. I asked the waiter and the chef was kind enough to let me grab a photo of the yanagiba he was using. Looked about a 240-270. He had another knife that probably used to be a...
  3. bryantcw

    Thinning and and a sandpaper 'Migaki' finish on my TF gyuto

    Made a project today of thinning a new Teruyasu Fujiwara Gyuto. This is his maboroshi version with wa handle, measured length is 185 at the edge. I have one of his Denka knives with the yo handle, but it's not my favorite. The handle is slippery, and it still smells really strong when it gets...
  4. bryantcw

    Thinning and initial sharpening of Yoshikane Santoku

    Another one of my knives. I bought it to see how I liked a better quality all stainless knife, and a thicker knife. I’m a big fan of the tsuchime on this line from Yoshikane. My goals were: Make the grind more even. It was hollow, flat, and concave along both sides in different areas. The...
  5. bryantcw

    Thinning and initial sharpening my Teruyasu Fujiwara Denka

    I just wanted to make this post showing how I did the initial sharpening on this knife. I’ve been hand sharpening for about 5 years, and only recently bought Japanese knives. This is my second full sharpening to include thinning. I hope someone else sees this and realizes they can do this work...
  6. bryantcw

    Hello, KKF

    Checking in from Virginia. Looking forward to learning more about knives and sharpening. Thank you!