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  1. Sparten007

    WTB HVB 1095 water quench Mizu Honyaki

    I put one for sale after it had been laying around in my drawers like many of us have that issue, but I quickly realized how amazing these 1095 water quench Honyaki by HVB were and withdrew and it’s now a total keeper so I am looking for it’s twin. If anyone is willing to part with it ping me...
  2. Sparten007

    SOLD NEW Dalman Honyaki 240mm Catch & Release

    So I had to see it for myself and got the above and I realize I love texture and this is a beautiful blade but not for me. Just unpacked cut 3 slices in a paper and repackaged. Selling to recoup my cost: $650 Shipped CONUS. International- shipping is on you. Link to the product...
  3. Sparten007

    WTS Big boy Nakiri

    This is a big boy Nakiri by Waltteri Ryjenco from Finland I bought a month over 2 years ago which I never used but paper cut test. This one comes with a Damascus clad 1095 & 15N20 - and 1095 core which is offee etched. Size: Cutting edge: 190mm. Hight above the heel: 80mm. Hight by the tip...
  4. Sparten007

    WTS / WTT /// Bryan Gyutohiki 295X50 NEW

    Click the link for description: Gyutohiki Price: $1250 (all fees included) Shipped, preferred CONUS. International buyer pays half for shipping. WILLING TO TRADE FOR THE RIGHT BLADE. If anyone needs additional pictures please ping me. Thank you, Max
  5. Sparten007

    WTS Shihan Telegraph Wire Clad W2 Core 270*62*4.25

    This blade is the very first one of the Telegraph Wire blade series. It took some times, patience, convincing with no guaranty that it would be finished by the maestro himself, Shihan who honed and elevated his skills to a whole new level under the guidance of one of Japan's master...
  6. Sparten007

    Bought Shibata AS Tinker Tank

    Must have one, been looking for a while and if you ready to sell DM me please. Thank you!!
  7. Sparten007

    SOLD KEMADI Rail Wrought & Nickel Dammy Bulat Core

    This guy is definitely has a WH profile with a beautiful food release and killer edge. I am selling it to free up more space on my wall wracks and let other blade to come out and play. Trimming down my collection to only a handful makers. Size: 250x61 Monster! Steel: Rail Wrought & Nickel...
  8. Sparten007

    WTS Benjamin @kamon_Knives Gyuto 250X57

    This is bloody rough for having the courage of letting go of a Kamon’s blade, but on the bright side 3 customs are lined up so it helps numbing the pain. He is on my top 3 list of makers and I have tried over 60+ makers. (Only personal preference from the first impression and how they feel...
  9. Sparten007

    SOLD Raquin Gyuto 240X55 145sc w/ Saya

    I love this blade and used it as much as I could because it’s feels good and it is a fun blade but I also have too many that falls in to the same category. This blade works hard and delivers no matter what you throw at it. Size: 240X55 Weight: 218 Grams Asking for $750 Patina can be cleaned...
  10. Sparten007

    WTS Niko Nicolaides BUNKA

    It may sound like a cliché but it is what it is, I had forgotten I even had this until I dug in deep in my knife cabinet. My Bunka lovers will find this sexy blade very desirable. I bought this from Abe direct and NEVER USED OR SHARPENED. See all detains in the original post...
  11. Sparten007

    SOLD Milan Gravier Gyuto Wrought over C130

    Milan caught my eyes first time I saw his work and instantly knew he was super talented and with time he would wow us all and he has certainly done that and more. This was our first collaboration where I asked for a WH that could concur it all with my measurements. In person this blade blew me...
  12. Sparten007

    SOLD “The King” Takayuki Blue 1 mizu honyaki gyuto by Kenji Togashi.

    Takayuki Blue 1 mizu honyaki by Kenji Togashi. This was part of a collaboration of Knives and Stones’s James Zhang and his idea of the perfect profile gyuto. This is the best cutting gyuto I’ve used. Love it. Only reason I’m selling is to have someone truly love this incredible piece as this is...
  13. Sparten007

    SOLD CATCHESIDE integral Dammy San Mai NEW PRICE

    Here is something you don’t see often. Asking for what I bought plus shipping and PayPal fees: Shipping Worldwide 1270£ $1745 NOW $1500 Open for trade for same value blade or less then plus cash from: Yanick Xerxes Ian Haburn Nick Anger (If you have something special not listed hit me up)...
  14. Sparten007

    WTS Blenheim Forge Limited Edition Veggie Cleaver

    This is part of a set of 5 which was only offered as a limited series to certain buyers (you would autmatically be qualified after buying the first one for the rest of the set) Never been used for prep or touched the edge which edge is wicked sharp just by feeling it and cutting some paper for...
  15. Sparten007

    SOLD Raquin 215x50 Half Classic Half KT

    Used to chop some veggies, one handy blade and capable to take whatever you through at it. Original post: My post: Disclosure: 1mm of the tip chipped while moving around and accidentally hit a pot head on. It was fixed on the 1k syntactic with several passes only towards the tip which is...
  16. Sparten007

    SOLD the.9nine Gyuto 265X57X5 Full Custom /// knife is a WITHDRAW FOR NOW

    Must fund bigger projects. Link to post: ***Double click on the video for full screen. Thank you for stopping by 🙏🏼 **Asking for: $1250 obo NOW $1150 $1050 (pass on the saving on to the buyer on tax and shipping I paid on top). **Shipping CONUS **EURO customers will pay $20...
  17. Sparten007

    SOLD Mazaki White# 2 Kasumi Gyuto 270

    Bought this beast from Carbon Knife Co. couple of years ago and still new. It has never been used and sits on my magnetic rack. Mazaki White# 2 Kasumi Gyuto. Size: 270X60 Value: $370 (bought it for $408) FREE SHIPPING CONUS. Happy never ending blade shopping!! 😀
  18. Sparten007

    WTS Gyuto Ogata Shungo 225 mm SG2

    Selling what was a total curiosity purchase. Ogata Shungo Gyuto SG2. Size: 225X65 Value: $390 (bought for $450 after tax/customs and shipping charges from Israel) NOW $370!!! This blade is meant to perform, very light sharp, laser-ish but sturdy. Extremely impressive cutter. Only used once to...
  19. Sparten007

    WTS Moritaka 270 **Blue 2

    Up for grab is a: Moritaka 270 AS Size: 270X57 Value: $300 FREE SHIPPING CONUS. NOW $280 Used once on vegetable to test it, extremely sharp and nimble for its size but a workhorse. One of those buys that I have no idea the inspiration behind it. Early one just bought several just based on...
  20. Sparten007

    WTB Yanick any type, size and clad core combo

    Drop me a note in my inbox if you are ready to part with it…. 🙏🏼🙏🏼