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    WTS Shi.han A2 250mm X 56mm X 3.6mm

    Sheesh...what a stunner!! GLWS.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Kenichi Shiraki honyaki old stock.
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    WTS Shiraki Hamono 270mm Honyaki Gyuto, Mirror Polished

    The KnS one is probably actually Shiraki's work. I had pinged Nakagawa san about it and he said's old style hamon. Surprised yours is still there! GLWS.
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    WTS Tanaka Ironwood 210 gyuto BNIB — 600 USD

    Can't say with 100% certainty, but i am inclined to think this is a Shigeki. His pattern has changed a bit over time and has become a bit more random(ish) compared to earlier ones. Nevertheless, this is a screaming deal at $600(even more of a deal if it's Kazuyuki). I would have got it by now if...
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    SOLD Murata Aogami No. 1 gyuto 210mm

    Always a fan of Murata. Top notch ht in ao1 series, very much underrated imo. GLWS!
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    WTS Tanaka Ironwood 210 gyuto BNIB — 600 USD

    One unicorn here! This is probably Shigeki, not Kazuyuki right?
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    Any custom handles out there?

    This one by JoBone.
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    Withdrawn Jiro Yo 240 BNIB

    Damn.. it's a beauty. GLWS.
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    My Little Collection

    Well, not really. Wakui is superb no doubt. But in terms sheer cutting performance, I would say the hard to beat Takamura. Also I personally prefer Anryu more than Wakui.
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    My Little Collection

    From left to right: Tanaka r2 western handle Kikusui petty Kato sg2 dammy santoku Takamura r2 migaki santoku Murata b1 nakiri Saji b2 gyuto 210 Kurosaki shizuku Anryu w2 santoku Anryu b2 petty Anryu b2 bunka Anryu w2 240 gyuto Kitaoka miroroshi deba Wakui w2 240 gyuto Bottom : okada 270...
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    Little family pic

    From left to right: Kitaoka 210 mioroshi deba, Anryu blue#2 petty 130, Anryu blue#2 bunka 165, Wakui white#2 gyuto 240.
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    Feedback on Hitohira GR damascus

    Thank you for the detailed feedback. I actually went ahead and bought a wakui 240, along with an Anryu bunka and petty. So far loving all of them. Especially the Anryu bunka is turning out to be my favorite one! The wakui grind and f&f also is very good and being white#2, takes screaming sharp...
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    Feedback on Hitohira GR damascus

    I was looking for a petty with wider heel. Came across this one : Hitohira GR Damascus Blue #2 Petty 135mm From the pic/choil shot looks good. Anybody has any experience/feedback on this? Who's the maker of this? Between this and the Gihei nashiji (Gihei Nashiji Blue #2 Petty 150mm) any...
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    Hello and Merry Christmas from California

    Hey guys, Found this forum while searching for my first j-knife. Tons of great advice and plethora of knowledge flowing around here. So glad I found this forum. Y'all will hear a lot from me asking for advice :) Nice to e-meet everyone and Merry Christmas!