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  1. Bobo530

    SOLD Doi Gyuto Custom Schroeder

    Never been used Itsuo Doi Blue #2 Gyuto 240mm Custom by Isaiah Schroeder Price $325 Reduced To $305 Conus Insured I Purchased one of the new Halcyon forge knives from the online sale and going to let this great looking knife go.
  2. Bobo530

    WTS Graphics Card RTX 3080

    Won the new egg shuffle but going to sell this impossible to find video card and keep using my 1080ti. The card is sealed and unopened and took pictures with my cutting board in the background for Authentication. MSI Ventus GeForce RTX 3080 10GB GDDR6X PCI Express 4.0 Video Card RTX 3080 VENTUS...
  3. Bobo530

    SOLD Markin Andrei Gyuto 240mm

    Purchased directly from Andrei. Nice blue partial patina, used for a few home dinners, minimal use. Price $310 Conus, insured. Blade made of steel WX-15 he advertises as the equivalent of 52100 240 / 55mm. 63HRC The handle is made of bog oak and stone oak, knife has convex geometry. It has very...
  4. Bobo530

    SOLD Isasmedjan,Kono MB, Kochi

    Need to raise money for summer vacation but can’t decide which one to sell. I love them all. 1 Day Sale. Isasmedjan Gyuto Custom $425 Conus Janus hooked me up with a nice Handle by Anton 225-230 54mm height and approx. 4-4,5mm thick out of handle 14c28n from Sandvik at an amazing heat treat of...
  5. Bobo530

    SOLD Raquin Nakiri 145sc

    Don’t want to let this go but raising money for family vacation. Its 170x57mm, 190g, and 145sc with soft steel cladding. Price $525 Conus The KU is very clean and previous owner put a slight micro-bevel. The knife has only been used a couple of times by myself and the original owner. Handle...
  6. Bobo530

    SOLD Catcheside Gyuto

    Grabbed a knife that I’ve been wanting in the same steel so this one’s got to go. Catcheside 01 steel Asking $350 conus. Less than what I paid Used previous owner put a polish job, has some scratches and not the prettiest knife but love how it performs. Has a small nick at the handle from the...
  7. Bobo530

    SOLD Isasmedjian 260mm Gyuto

    My custom from Jonas came in this week, offering this one up for someone to try his work. Isasmedjian 260 mm wrought iron 1.2519 core gyuto Specs (261x57,236g) handle is beautiful and in excellent condition Used Not First Owner but great condition Used 2 times since having professionally...
  8. Bobo530

    SOLD Shigefusu Nakiri Custom $300

    Up For Sale Shigefusu Kuro Nakiri 162x53 200g Price $300 Conus Custom Burl handle install and professional sharpen. Handle Perfect condition but looks like it needs to be sealed in a little as you can see in picture. Has patina and Kuro is fading some. Selling because I was hooked up with a...
  9. Bobo530

    SOLD Takamura Pro and Custom Wakui

    2 knives Up for sale $200 each or as a set for $375 Used Takamura Pro 210mm $200 Conus Comes with Saya and pin. Spec from MTC Brand : Takamura Cutlery Style : Gyuto Blade Length : 210mm (8.2") Weight : 6.3 oz Spine Thickness: 3.10mm - 2.07mm Blade Steel Type : R2/SG2 Powdered Steel Handle...
  10. Bobo530

    Withdrawn HSC III Gyuto 215x52

    I am selling my HSC III custom Gyuto 215x52 weight 200 grams. Price is $400 Conus and will be selling only Continental US due to current shipping climate. Harbeer did an excellent job on this slicer, I will be selling several knives to raise money for a new A/C HVAC for my home. This knife...
  11. Bobo530

    Chicken Bone Broth Recipes

    Anyone have any good recipes for Chicken Bone Broth. For health purposes so mostly will be for drinking and soups Willing to try almost anything from Jalapeno to Turmeric flavorings. If you have any other suggestions as far as preparation as well. Any differences with impurities between grass...
  12. Bobo530

    Workhorse Knife Maker Suggestion

    Suggestions for custom workhorse knife sub $500.
  13. Bobo530

    SOLD Takeda NAS Medium Gyuto and Takamura Migaki R2 Gyuto 210mm

    Taking my knife collection in new direction, so these two classic J-Knives got to go. Takeda Medium NAS stainless Clad Used New handle and sharpened by Chef Knives To Go and haven’t used since. Comes with original box Price $290 free conus, US sale only. From CKTG Brand: Takeda Hamono...
  14. Bobo530

    New member new knife

    Great forum. Learning a lot already. Keep up the post noticed some of y’all have been posting for your years. Great community.