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    How to make stabilized burl handle shiny?

    Hello kkf I have two stabilized burl handles that ID like to pop more by making them shiny. It's oak and light amboyna burl. How would you do? Sand paper and tung oil? Which sand paper? Dont know the current finish but it's quite smooth. Anything other than tung oil instead?
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    WTT Smedja Aspen S-grind Honyaki

    Hi, KKF, I'm gonna try something - here goes: I got this beautiful and very nice Smedja Aspen S-grind honyaki from @DrEriksson about a month ago. It's a very nice knife, with very good cutting abilities and excellent food release - I really do love it. For a long time though, I've been wanting...
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    WTB Dalman gyuto 225 or smaller s-grind

    Looking for a dalman gyuto, 225 or smaller with his s-grind.
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    SOLD Takamura R2 petty 150 mm

    The recent spending spree means I have to let this little laser go. Not much to say, it's about a year old, a little less, lightly used. Bought it from for 171 USD including shipping (11 USD). Looking for 145 USD shipped to EU. 148 mm 28 mm 74 grams 63-64 hcr Very very thin Comes...
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    WTB Xerxes knife

    Just about any Xerxes kitchen knife. Long shot, but thought I'd give it a try. - Knivperson
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    Wife beater

    I need a beater knife for my girlfriend. Currently she is using my first kitchen knife ever, a Senjen VG10 santoku, which is really not nice. I'd like something new for her. She doesn't want to use my thin/japanese knives. Some kind of stainless / semi-stainless is probably best, because even...
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    Thinking of ordering a Shihan custom....

    I'm thinking of ordering a Shihan custom with his beautiful telegraph wire cladding. In fact, I already sent him a mail. :P It's gonna be a 225 mm gyuto, with the telegraph wire cladding. I've told him to choose the core steel he thinks he does best. But... anything you guys would recommend...
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    Custom handles in europe?

    I'm looking to get some rehandles done. I would prefer to buy a finished handle and get someone here to mount it. Alternatively I could buy a piece of wood and ship it to the guy who mounts it. Im looking for a monowood amboyna burl handle. Any idea were to look in Europe? The ones I can find...
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    Youtube channel on cleavers!

    Just found this channel and thought I would share it. Haven't seen much but seems good.
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    Which Y. Tanaka to get?

    Im really considering getting a Yoshikazu Tanaka 210mm gyuto to replace my Konosuke HD2 210 mm. I have been looking at the blue dama steel one from JNS which looks nice. But there are several other options. Which one would you choose for best fit and finish and performance? Except a Fujiyama FM...
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    Passing "The Bodyguard"-sharpness test

    So, does anybody have a knife that can pass The Bodyguard-sharpness test? bodyguard scarf cut - YouTube
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    Help me choose a deba

    Hello fellow KKFers. I realized that I need a deba. I cut up fish at least twice a year and obviously this calls for a special knife. I dont know much about debas. I know I want one around 165 mm and in carbon steel, single bevel, wa handle. Of course a Shigefusa would be cool, likewise...
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    Sealing JNS 6000

    Just bought a JNS 300 and 6000 synthetic from Maksim. The 300 is sealed with laquer. Is it necessary to seal the 6000 stone? Will it break? Any experience?
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    Help me specify my Isasmedjan custom gyuto!

    Hi guys. Soon Jonas from Isasmedjan will make me a custom knife. Id like to hear your thoughts on my wish list of specifications. How I use and maintain knives: I mostly chop, push or pull cut. I can sharpen myself, so edge retention isnt a problem. Ive thought about the following: 255 mm 56...
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    Elastic ceramic knife

    Just noticed this from KKnives @Roman on instagram. Read the text as well.
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    Konosuke Sumiiro vs Konosuke YS

    I've been looking at the forum for hours. I've kinda settled on the YS-M, but again, theres also the Sumiiro. Does anybody know how these compare to each other? Looking at 240mm. Thanks :)
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    Konosuke YS-M or Fujiyama FM White #1 for performance

    Konosuke YS-M or Fujiyama FM White #1 - which one performes the best for vegetables in your opinion? Can be 210 or 240 mm. I've read "a konosuke comparison", which concludes on the YS-M, but FM is supposed to be the top of the line (except for Kaiju, of course).
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    5 nanometer edge on a knife made from 1 micron carbide steel "vancron superclean"

    Crazy: 5 Nanometer edge on Vancron Superclean - YouTube
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    What's your all time favourite nakiri?

    Just curious what you think is the ultimate nakiri? Is it konosuke? Denka? Heiji? Let's have an exchange. I just sold my moritaka. I've had it for a couple of years, and needed to let it go. Think I'm looking for something new, a nice performer for veggies.
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    76.6 HCR knife

    What are your thoughts on this? Pretty impressive, I think: