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  1. hukdizzle

    WTS Yoshikane Nashiji White #2 240 Gyuto

    Originally purchased new from a forum member. I just had to try another Yoshi and see if I could like it. Everything is perfect about this knife but the height for me and for that reason my other...
  2. hukdizzle

    WTS Hitohira Tanaka Kyuzo Migaki (U) 240 Gyuto Blue #1

    Originally purchased from Millertime1111 to compare to my KU version. I ended up preferring the KU version so this one is going back into the wild. It did not have much of...
  3. hukdizzle

    Naniwa Pro Adequate For SG2?

    Have done a bit of googling and was hoping to hear some feedback from folks who have attempted to use Naniwa Pro/Chosera stones for SG2/R2. I just ordered a Myojin SG2 knife and was hoping I could service it with my Naniwa Pro progression (400, 800, 3000). Being that MTC has the Shapton Glass...
  4. hukdizzle

    Bought Comet Gyuto

    Hey, I finally made it to 50 posts! Now I get to ask for something unobtanium. :) I am fully aware this might be a futile ask considering what I am asking for, but this is not your usual WTB thread I suppose. As many of you may know Comet was based out of Pensacola, FL which is my hometown. I...
  5. hukdizzle

    Sharpening Supplies Water Stones?

    Anyone here tried them yet? I have thought about just ordering a couple and giving them a go and compare to what I have. I currently have a bunch of synth stones in the 500-5000 grit range (Naniwa Pro, Suehiros, Shapton Pros, etc)...
  6. hukdizzle

    Recommend A New Beater?

    LOCATION Seattle, WA KNIFE TYPE What type of knife are you interested in (e.g., chefs knife, slicer, boning knife, utility knife, bread knife, paring knife, cleaver)? Gyuto Are you right or left handed? Right Handed Are you interested in a Western handle (e.g., classic Wusthof handle) or...
  7. hukdizzle

    Polishing Wide Bevel Kurouchi Knives?

    I was curious if any of you had tips on polishing/kasumi wide bevel kurouchi knives? I have a Tanaka Kyuzo Kurouchi that needs a slight thinning in some areas and after doing so I would like to polish up the bevels. My concern of course is going too high up the bevel and starting to remove the...
  8. hukdizzle

    Switching Hands?

    I am curious how many of you switch hands to sharpen the offhand bevel? For instance, I am right handed so the right side bevel is trivial to sharpen and I get a very consistent and repeatable bevel with the usual sharpening method employed by most people. When it comes to sharpening the left...
  9. hukdizzle

    AS Core, SS Clad Laser Recommendations?

    Hi everyone, first post here! I was hoping to leverage your experience for a recommendation on some lasers. Here is the questionnaire filled out. Location US (Seattle) Knife Type Hoping to find a matching set (240mm Gyuto and 150mmish Petty). Wa handle, flat belly profile, Aogami Super core...
  10. hukdizzle

    Hi There!

    Greetings from Seattle! (Well, Redmond anyway) I am a home cook who over the past couple of years has become enamored with all things kitchen knives, most specifically Japanese double bevel blades. I have also been whetstone sharpening now for about 10 months at this point and have come a very...