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  1. Currantly

    SOLD Migoto Mini-Cleaver

    Hello KKF! I have for sale today a Migoto Mini-Cleaver of the Blue #2 variety, it has a working patina that can be removed at the buyers request. Not much so say about this one seriously a great knife, superb geometry, and a fantastic in hand feel. Unfortunately i'm switching jobs and as a...
  2. Currantly

    SOLD TF/Morihei Fine Finish 240mm Gyuto

    Hey KKF! I have a pretty badass blade I'm putting up for sale today. I got this knife through a trade with my man @Chang and had my fun with it, just time to pass it along to someone else who will use it more often than i do. What we have here is a TF/Morihei fine finish gyuto it has a...
  3. Currantly


    Hello KKF! I was wondering what are some of the better “mail in” services for knife restoration. I have a Kato 240 STD that needs some love. Appreciate any input on this topic! Thank you.
  4. Currantly

    WTB Fernandez Tall Western Petty

    Hello KKF! This is a weird one but I figured it’s worth a shot. Always liked the look/profile of these. I wasn’t into the hobby as much when they came out so I guess better late than never! Looking forward to seeing what’s out there. Thanks in advance.
  5. Currantly

    Bought Migoto Mini Cleaver

    Hey KKF, Figured it’s worth a shot making a post, I’m looking for a Migoto mini cleaver in blue 2. New in box or lightly used would be great. Thanks in advance!
  6. Currantly

    SOLD “Free” books

    Hello KKF! I’m currently downsizing what I have to get ready to move into a new apartment, with that being said I have a couple books that I would like to get rid of. These are free but I do ask that whoever wants to claim them to pay shipping (we can figure that out later). I’ve gotten a lot...
  7. Currantly

    SOLD Konosuke Fujiyama White 2 yanagiba

    Hello KKF! I have for sale today an old school Konosuke Fujiyama yanagiba in white #2 but a mirror polish. This knife was purchased from @Vancouversam a little over 5 months ago and has only been used once since I purchased. This knife is around 7 years old and as a result was sharpened by the...
  8. Currantly

    SOLD Ikeda 270 Honyaki Oil Quenched

    Hey KKF, I have for sale today a Yoshikazu Ikeda oil quenched Honyaki in Shirogami 3. I picked this up from Bernals sale on these from about a year ago. It’s a really great piece and feels commanding in the hand, especially with the upgraded ebony handle that came with the blade.The only...
  9. Currantly

    WTS Tanaka Aoto

    Hello everyone, I have for sale a Tanaka Toishi Aoto. I picked this up earlier this year and just never got around to using it. It is not sealed, honestly if it was I would probably keep it. Looking to get $275 shipped to your door CONUS. Specs: 184x55x55mm 1326g Original purchase link...
  10. Currantly

    SOLD Mazaki Damascus Aogami 1 Gyuto

    Hello KKF! I have for sale today a Mazaki Damascus 240mm Aogami 1 Gyuto. Purchased from Sugi cutlery about two months ago, with a custom handle installed by Joe. The handle is African Black wood with a blonde ferrule. I thought I would never let this one go but sadly it needs to move along so...
  11. Currantly

    WTB Yoshiaki Fujiwara Yanagiba

    Hello all! You’ll never know unless you ask.. right? Looking for a Kiyoshi Kato Yanagiba, preferably 300mm in length. Looking forward to seeing what’s out there.
  12. Currantly

    SOLD 240 Mazaki KU , Feb 21 profile

    Hello KKF! I have for sale a BNIB 240mm Mazaki KU from the most recent protooling drop. The only reason I’m selling it is because I recently bought the Blue 1 Damascus off of Sugi Cuterly so now I have two of them. here is the link where I purchased at, pictures can be seen here as well...
  13. Currantly

    Withdrawn Old school Konosuke Fujiyama

    Hey KKF, Probably a long shot but figured it couldn’t hurt to put up a post. Looking for a Konosuke Fujiyama Gyuto 240mm in length, Morihiro sharpened all that good stuff. White or Blue steel doesn’t really matter which to me. Looking forward to seeing what’s out there. Thank you!
  14. Currantly

    SOLD Shigefusa Kitaeji 270 Yanagiba

    Hello KKF! I have for sale today a BNIB 270mm Shigefusa Kitaeji Yanagiba. I bought this knife off another KKF member a couple of years ago, since I obtained it this knife has never been used or sharpened. The ura and bevels are in perfect shape as it was from factory. Originally bought it as a...
  15. Currantly

    J-Nat sealing question.

    Hey KKF! I’ve got a question about sealing a Japanese natural stone. I did some research on the site and know there’s a lot of different methods to achieve this. I was wondering if there’s anyone out there who seals stones for commission. I really don’t have the confidence or space to do so...
  16. Currantly

    SOLD Kemadi 270 Damascus/Bulat Sujihiki

    Hello KKF, I have for sale a 270mm Kemadi Damascus Sujihiki. I got this knife from Kev directly about 6 months ago and have used it a handful of times for slicing protein at work since then. The damascus jacket is comprised of 65x13 and 40x13 both Russian tool steel. The core steel is Bulat...
  17. Currantly

    SOLD 180 Toyama Nakiri (Iron clad)

    Hello KKF, I have for sale a 180mm Toyama iron clad Nakiri. I picked this knife up through a trade with another member on this website. Some specs... • 180mm edge length • 61mm height • 4mm thickness of the spine at the handle • 2mm thickness of the spine at the tip • 215g The reason for...
  18. Currantly

    SOLD Kemadi 225 Bulat

    Hello KKF, I have for sale a 225 Kemadi Mono-steel of the bulat variety. I picked this knife up from Kev about four months ago, and to be honest I wouldn’t list it for sale if it was a 240 in length. This knife is an absolute workhorse and is a pleasure to sharpen. It has been on stones a few...
  19. Currantly

    New guy, from the City of Brotherly Love!

    Hello everyone, My name is Curran and I’m a Chef in the Philadelphia area. I’ve been a member for a bit now and follow the forum religiously. I figured it’s time to introduce myself so I can get involved in the conversation instead of just observing. I have a handful of Japanese knives that...