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  1. TXedge

    SOLD Hitohira Togashi White #1 Cleaver 180mm - Gumi Wood Handle

    I believe you are supposed to leave the price drop history as well, just an FYI.
  2. TXedge

    WTS Toadfish Oyster Knives

    I’ll take one.
  3. TXedge

    SOLD 12-qt 3-Ply Stone & Beam Stock / Stew Pot

    More concerned with outside width to fit on a burner. Sounds like that’s 11”, if so I’ll take it.
  4. TXedge

    SOLD 12-qt 3-Ply Stone & Beam Stock / Stew Pot

    Is it 11” across the bottom?
  5. TXedge

    WTS Leung Tim Thin Cleaver

    I like CCK. I guess it’s time to try a LT. PM sent.
  6. TXedge

    Favorite spoons.

    Gold Kunz is back.
  7. TXedge

    SOLD Isasmedjan Honyaki

    Very nice. If I didn’t already have a gyuto to go with my suji…
  8. TXedge

    Memes and whatnot

  9. TXedge

    Show your newest knife buy

    stacked pieces of thin birch
  10. TXedge

    Show your newest knife buy

    This just happened (Isasmedjan). Now for the waiting…
  11. TXedge

    SOLD Chang’s “I’m So Petty” Sale

    Dang, too slow on the Harner…
  12. TXedge

    WTS Blenheim Forge Limited Edition Veggie Cleaver

    She’s a beaut, Clark. But I’ve already bought too many lately. 😉
  13. TXedge

    SOLD /WTT Raquin 270

    Withdrawn - that saved me some money. 😉
  14. TXedge

    What are we listening to lately?

    My latest obsession since the pandemic is Three For Silver
  15. TXedge

    SOLD Birgersson gyuto

    This was tempting but I already bought a couple of nice gyutos this week. Glad someone stepped up to remove the temptation. 😉
  16. TXedge

    SOLD Isasmedjan 260mm

    PM sent