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  1. Citizen Snips

    Got the itch....again.

    I am looking to make a Carter my next purchase. I would appreciate any info everyone could give me on what they currently have and the pros and cons to them im thinking either kuro-uchi or fukugo-zai in white. funayuki at about 8.1 sun is ideal for me. im looking forward to everyones...
  2. Citizen Snips

    Yanagi Maker

    hey all, just had my wife steal this from her boss so we could sharpen/de-rust it for him for his coming birthday. this knife is no prize as it wasn't cared for as well as it should have been. there is some rust, the handle looks like it was a d shape at one time based on the furrle and it...
  3. Citizen Snips

    petty suggestions

    well, its been so long since ive asked for knife suggestions but i thought i would get some insight on what other people use. im starting a fish-monger job in the next week doing lots of fabrication, delivery, and sales. because our business is only 2 of us we will be able to provide the...
  4. Citizen Snips

    Media scorpionfish

    i just got about 7 of these little guys in today. im curious to taste them and am looking forward to marinating the livers. they were very pretty but had quite a few barbs on them that caught me one time. i also bought one for my wife and i to cook at home tomorrow night. ill let you...
  5. Citizen Snips

    Media Some Fish Fabrication

    Here are a few (crappy phone pics) of some fish I was working with the other day. the first 3 are some monkfish, the second 2 is wreckfish, and the last 2 are cobia. enjoy!!
  6. Citizen Snips

    Dinner pt. 2

    this is another dinner we made a few nights ago. it is ginger and yuzu marinated shrimp on top of basil, red onion, bacon, and avocado salad. homemade bread crustini gave the dish a bit of crunch as well as a second fork and served with marques de gelida rose of pinot noir. i normally do...
  7. Citizen Snips


    This was dinner last night. it was homemade pasta carbonara with spinach, garlic and bacon (my work ran out of guanciale for me to borrow). We served ourselves Chateau Montelena 2008 Riesling (the only Riesling i will drink). The carbonara and Riesling parred really well and was a wonderful meal.
  8. Citizen Snips

    few pics of golden tilefish

    took these with my phone so not perfect quality. this fish is very beautiful and a treat to work with. i found that the flavor is a little more mild than i expected but still very delicious. i should really bring my camera to work and get some good pics and videos but i dont know how my boss...
  9. Citizen Snips

    A quick video

    this is a quick video i filmed from my phone. sorry about the quality and angle but i am no video editor and my cameraman is no professional either. its my way of fabricating chicken into a 4 piece fried chicken cut. enjoy...
  10. Citizen Snips

    Hiromoto AS sharpening

    this was my first real j-knife and was donated to my wife who is also a professional chef because i was trying to shine some light on her wusthof riddled knife bag. i have moved on to wa-handles and higher carbon content but feel this is the absolute best knife to bridge the gap for someone who...
  11. Citizen Snips

    Konosuke Special Order Reviews

    This will be my reviews for my special order Konosuke cutlery all of which are custom made with ebony octagon handles with blond buffalo horn and custom kanji engraving. 300mm yanagiba-white #2 270mm gyuto-HD 210mm mioroshi-deba blue #2 Before I get into the reviews I would especially...
  12. Citizen Snips


    just wanted to say hi over here on my new (and only) favorite forums. i am really glad to see lots of people over here and look forward to some great discussions.