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  1. PineWood

    SOLD [EU] Big Natsuya

    I bought this huge and beautiful Natsuya recently from @Froztitanz , a member here who knows much more about JNATs than me. I don't enjoy sharpening on it, I don't like the feel, it feels hard and sandy at the same time if that makes sense. It must be a personal thing because the seller assured...
  2. PineWood

    SOLD [EU] Ikarashi

    Nice Ikarashi, about 65-73 mm wide, 195-200 mm long and 46 mm thick, about 1370 gram. I bought it a few months ago from Ikkyu Japan and I'm now selling. I want to try out different stones but I can't keep them all, so I buy and sell again. This was advertised as a 1000 grit stone but I feel...
  3. PineWood

    SOLD [EU] Cerax 1000 & Rika 5000

    These are the first "real" sharpening stones I bought and I always enjoyed using them. Very nice feel and feedback. However I've switched mostly to naturals now and I don't like to keep stuff that isn't used. I think that at most 1 mm is gone, the Cerax 1000 is 27 mm and the Rika 22,5 mm thick...
  4. PineWood

    WTS [EU] Sukenari AS petty and Eden susumi SG2 pairing knife

    These knifes get little use so I want to make some space for other knives. First is a Sukenari AS petty 160. Aogami super steel, stainless clad. Rosewood octagonal handle with white buffalo horn ferrule. Height is 30 mm at heel. Thickness is 2,5 mm at heel tapering down to 1 mm at 1 cm from tip...
  5. PineWood

    Hello from Belgium

    Hello guys and gals, my name is Wim, I live in Bruges, Belgium and somehow became a little bit obsessed with kitchen knives and other sharp things in general. I would love to state that I'm a hobby cook but truth is my wife does most of the cooking, but I enjoy assisting and I enjoy sharpening...