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  1. rob

    Massdrop III: Kamon

    Hi all, mine has arrived and the knife is everything i expected and more. Great distal taper, finish and super comfortable. Factory edge is as good as any knife i have purchased new, Japanese or Western. Spec for my 260 are. Length 270mm Height 58mm Weight 222.5 grams. Thanks so much again...
  2. rob

    Covid: the shape of things to come

    @EricEricEric In a post earlier today you stated. "It looks like Covid is starting to burn itself out," Now you are saying. "It’s been two years of this, and this year was even worse than the first year when there was no vaccination" Please help me understand your point.
  3. rob

    Masters of R2/SG2

    Yu Kurosaki IME does the steel well.
  4. rob

    Need Suggestion for a Tall Nakiri/Short Chuka

    love mine. 73mm tall at the heel.
  5. rob

    Massdrop III: Kamon

    Paid and excited!
  6. rob

    Bunka Quest!

    I also love a good Bunka and own a few. It would seem you have listed food release and height as two important factors. The one that springs to mind would be Takeda Bunka, mine is around 175mmX55mm and has FANTASTIC food release. Probably better than most of the knives in my collection. I...
  7. rob

    question. have you ever been food poisoned?

    Yep twice, both times I believe from big piles of rice stored at sub optimum temperatures and added to dishes in takeaway food.
  8. rob

    checking for a burr

    Thanks for this, very well explained and easy to see.
  9. rob


    Looks really nice. Recommend using a face shield in case you aren't already.
  10. rob

    Has anyone seen Inferno?

    9. Sound like you are going through a rough time and i hope things are on the improve health wise. Stay safe man, and if things ever feel too overwhelming maybe you can reach out for some support/counseling. Kindest Regards. Rob.
  11. rob

    Feathered Friends: Kippington Workpony and Laser Review

    Nice review, I love my Kipp Laser.
  12. rob

    Covid: the shape of things to come

    While masks are not 100% effective at stopping the spread it does seem pretty clear they certainly help. I mean doctors and nurses working 40 plus hours a week in Covid wards are largely able to remain uninfected.
  13. rob

    What are the best audiophile forums out there?

    Not many anymore to be honest. I have been in the hobby for 30 years and use audio forums less and less often. In saying that a few i could suggest. Audioscience Review (mostly measurement based, many members with good technical backgrounds) Stereonet. ( An Australian based forum which is...
  14. rob

    Any pros have equipment recommendations for volume sharpening?

    One of these, or tormek maybe.
  15. rob

    What do you collect? Other than knives...

    Records (LP's) CD's, headphones, pocket knives, gig and or band T-shirts of bands I've seen live.
  16. rob

    Hi from melbs

    G'day and welcome. I'm also from Melbourne.
  17. rob

    Yoshikane... white vs SKD?

    The Yoshikane SKD treatment is fabulous. I love mine.
  18. rob

    very new here

    We have both now. Two cases of Delta reported today. :-(
  19. rob

    Morning from Australia

    G'day and welcome.