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    Anyone know where I can find a replacement for these clippers?

    Bought these in Japan a few years ago at a knife shop. Totally forget which one (we went to a LOT of them). Can anyone tell me what they are and how I could find another??
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    FS: 240mm Hiromoto Wa-Converted Shiroko (Solid White Steel)

    Hi guys/gals, Just acquired this knife from a forum member in August 2014. I've put it through its paces, but just haven't fallen in love with it the way I expected. It's not that it's a knife that has done anything wrong - just the opposite! It does everything right: "240mm" Hiromoto...
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    Thanks Dave!

    So ... ... Just had Dave sharpen a few of my knives. Now, I've been sharpening for a few years now and am overall happy with my results. But I couldn't resist a chance to see Dave's handiwork on some of my newer knives that also needed some other work that he could perform. When I picked up...
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    Hi! Heading on out to Montreal in mid-October for the first time. Going to be staying in Le Plateau area. While blogs and sites are fine, I'd love it if any of you out there knew of some great restaurants to visit. Are there any KKF peeps in any of their kitchens? Just checkin - I'd love to...
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    WTB Hiromoto White Steel

    Hello! If you have a 270 (or 240mm) Hiromoto White Steel sold by JCK, that'd be great! The better the condition, the higher the price. Let me know! Thanks so much!
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    New Orleans Trip

    Hi everybody! I'm heading to New Orleans in ~7 hours and will be there Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun from 9/12-9/15. While there are lots of great restaurants with great reputations, I know that I can rely on you guys to direct me towards the must-see's and away from the has-been's and way-overrated's. If...
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    Visiting Boston

    I'm in Boston this Friday and am looking for killer food either in Back Bay or easily travelled via T. $50-60ish/head x two people. Any suggestions? No dietary restrictions, but usually head towards sushi or "new American"/French-inspired. How's Craigie?
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    270mm MAC Bread Knife

    Howdy all, As some of you know, I have recently acquired a 270mm MAC. It's a beautiful bread knife. But, unfortunately, I have not a place for it as it disobeys the wife's "must-fit-in-the-knife-block" rule. Bummer. So here we go: Brand New, NEVER USED (not even a single slice of...
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    Would you get a bread knife rehandled?

    Hello all, Here's an interesting question ... Would you get a bread knife rehandled? Would you view rehandling a bread knife as stupid because bread knives are silly-annoying to resharpen and you'd rather just replace it in X number of years, so why spend the $$? Or maybe you feel like...
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    ebay MAC bread knives

    someone on KF found this - i'm passing it along:
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    HD with patina/swirls?

    So I've been using my HD for a while now, and I've noticed a few things. #1) I am getting a little bit of blue-ish patina about 2/3 down the blade - no idea which food product it might be from. #2) I've noted that the knife has some "swirls" or something going on on the blade. At first I...
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    Tojiro 210mm WS#2

    Hey guys, I just saw the 210mm "Tojiro ITK" at cktg and I'm wondering if anyone here has one and what your impression about the geometry is. I mean, it's no super-sexy Konosuke or Yoshikane (or Dave or Ealy or Fowler etc), but a hunk of WS#2 at $50 is hard to beat, right? The spine/choil are...
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    Whatever happened to Aritsugu A-type?

    Hey guys, Whatever happened to Aritusugu A-type? Is that soooo 3 years ago? I just thought about it when I was posting at KF - but I figure that over here it might get more response - especially b/c I'm sure that Dave has sharpened his fair share of A-types. So do they live up to their...
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    What's the deal with extra-thick Hiromoto AS?

    Hey guys - maybe I've been living under a rock, but what's the deal with the 240mm Hiromoto AS that has an extra-thick spine on JCK? Is it a run that just happened to be clad extra thick? Or were these always around? If so, have people liked them? Like, do people wield them like old-school...
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    Re: Sabatier and TBT

    So, I'm in the market for a carbon knife. Unsure if I want to go for a 210 slicer as is so popular in these parts, or if I want to go for a normal 210-240 chef's knife as a foil to my HD. I was thinking it'd be nice to have a Sabatier, so I went to where I know to go and acquire legit...
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    shun bob kramer meiji bread knife

    hey guys, what are your thoughts on the scalloped edge of the shun bob kramer meiji bread knife? it looks like it's the type of edge that makes the MAC bread knife so awesome, right? no?
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    OT: visiting vienna and london

    hi guys, quick question - what are good places to stay/eat in london and vienna? i'm not super-well-heeled over here, so perhaps i should ask "what are good CHEAP places to stay in london and vienna" and "what are awesome-for-the-$$ places to eat in london and vienna?" also - if anyone works...
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    Forgot to do this - hi everyone!

    looking forward to being part of something from the start! can't wait until we get some knifemakers up in here to start making KKF knives ...
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    Hattori FH or CarboNext or TKC

    Howdy all, When it comes to sharpenability (as well as edge retention), how does these stemi-stainless compare vs. master hattori's "special-heat-treat" VG10? I know that VG10 is often viewed as somewhat of a ?boring? metal nowadays, but is there any truth to people's claims that I found...