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  1. adam_Cullen

    WTB Hedley and Bennet Apron

    Hello, Im looking for am apron and wanted to see if anyone had one laying around that they were wanting to let go of? Color wise, im thinking their olive or denver (light kacky).. but could be open to others for the right prices. Let me know!
  2. adam_Cullen

    Withdrawn Leather saya

    Hello, I have a Yoshikane 170mm bunka that needs a saya.. but the spine thickness and the height make it difficult to buy a wooden saya.. so I was hoping someone here had one or knew a maker who could take the measurements and make one for me. Either way, I am in the market. Length: 170mm Width...
  3. adam_Cullen

    WTB 240mm stainless gyuto

    Hello KKF people, I have a sushi job coming up and my 210 gyuto isn't quite cutting it.. so its time to up the length and see what's out there. I'm looking for: Length: 240mm Steel: stainless Blade height: +51mm Price: $130 or $150 max with saya If you have anything that fits the...
  4. adam_Cullen

    Withdrawn 165MM Yoshikane SKD OR KOCHI 180MM STAINLESS bunka

    Based on some of the recommendationsI got from some of you, I want to take theses reccomendations and see if anyone had any of these knives they'd be willing to part with. Yoshikane Nashiji SKD Bunka 165mm KOCHI 180MM KUROUCHI STAINLESS CLAD bunka Takeda STAINLESS CLAD 175mm Bunka I'm not ONLY...
  5. adam_Cullen

    Bunka Quest!

    I am on a quest for the perfect bunka for me in my stage kit and in my professional kitchen. I love them, but there tends to be one thing always missing when I think I've found the "perfect" one, so I'm hoping to enlist some help. If you could be so kind, I'd love some reccomendations, comments...
  6. adam_Cullen

    WTS /WTT Kikuichi Honesuki

    I got this a while back from CKTG and looking to make some changes to to collection. It's in good condition and barely used, just has some base patina started. I'm open to selling and/or trading for most other knives. If you have something in mind, feel free to reach out! 160mm Kohetsu AS...
  7. adam_Cullen

    Jackets and Shoes

    Starting a stage at a Japanese/American fusion restaurant and need to but first jacket (and will be upgrading my shoes cuz my feet hurt lol). Any thoughts or reccomendations on where I should look, what style is best, and what feels good to you all? New to the jacket gang and love talking gear!
  8. adam_Cullen

    Tall Nakiri Discussion

    First off, let me say that I love nakiri knives! the tap chopping, the ability to be a canvas for blacksmiths to show off their finishes, the feel/history, the ability to cut through veg and squash like nobodys business... they are great! that said, i have a hard time finding what i am looking...
  9. adam_Cullen

    1st Stage Chef Knife

    Hello hello, I'll be starting my first stage here next week and I am looking for a knife to travel with to replace my Kramer Carbon. I love the knife, don't get me wrong, I just feel the way the knife tapers is good for my home use.. but not for my bag. I am looking on CKTG and Japanny...
  10. adam_Cullen

    Blender Shopping

    Hello Hello! Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but I have been really getting into purees lately and my blender is just not working like it used too. I am looking for an upgrade for my personal kitchen as was wondering what some of your thoughts on Vitamix vs Ninja. I wasn't sure...
  11. adam_Cullen

    New to the "Back of House"

    Hello Everyone, I've been a home cook for a while now and was a server and bartender in highschool and college, so I was mainly a FOH guy for years and my experience in a professional kitchen is fairly limited. I just recently took on some seasonal work as a line cook to better improve my...
  12. adam_Cullen

    Favorite Supersteel or Carbon Steel alternative knife

    Hello everyone! I got my hands on the 240mm G3 kiritsuke a while back and its been rather nice to use. As a budding collector, I was wanting to expand into some of the supersteels and carbon alternatives and found myself in another world! Between VG-10, VGMax, R2, S2, HAP40, G3 and a bigillion...
  13. adam_Cullen

    Posting on other chats

    Quick question, i am VERY new to the forum and noticed that i could not post on some of the other chats threads. looking at the pinned notes, it looks like i have to be a Paid Supporting Member to Buy/Sell/Trade and talk shop on some of the other chats. am i understanding that correctly?
  14. adam_Cullen

    Reasons for joining the forum

    Hello! I initially thought that joining this forum would be a good place to sell and trade some of my kitchen knives.. maybe learn something new about cutlery I do not currently know. After looking through the cite, I learned that I could not only do both... but that I know very little about...