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  1. timos

    SOLD AEBL Petty available

    Thx guys. This ones sold on another forum. Ty for looking.
  2. timos

    SOLD AEBL Petty available

    Hello, Please take a look at my latest offering. This is a 165mm (6.5" ) blade from 1/8" thick AEBL steel. Solid one pc Curly Walnut handle with a carbon fiber/copper ferrule. After grinding with only a flat platen for the last 8 years I finally got myself some wheels. The blade has 6"...
  3. timos

    SOLD AEBL Petty Chef Available

    This was sold on a different forum. thanks for looking. I do have one other with a wa and one other with a western handle and hollow ground bevels. email if interested. thank you.
  4. timos

    SOLD AEBL Petty Chef Available

    Hey guys , Ill sell this for 270 shipped CONUS added some pics:
  5. timos

    SOLD AEBL Petty Chef Available

    Hey Guys it is still available actually but Ive had troubles with my website. Please send me an email [email protected] if you would like more information. Thank you.
  6. timos

    SOLD AEBL Petty Chef Available

    Hi, Please view my 6.5" AEBL PEtty. This is the Petty design I have become famous for. Just kidding, im not famous but Iv'e sold quite a few of these. Pricing is $300 shipped CONUS. Additional details:
  7. timos

    Marlborough, MA knife show

    The NCCA is hosting one of several annual shows they do @ the holiday inn in Marlborough, Massachusetts . I will be there along with some friends. Please come by and check us out. Sept. 19th
  8. timos

    SOLD my take on a Sabatier

    Thanks guys, I always mess up my I's and E's , good greif! <--- Graydon and I will have a some new knives available soon, he is doing the handles. @graydondecollibus @timostheos on IG We will be at the NCCA knife show in Marlborough MA this sept 19th if anyone can make it, please do...
  9. timos

    SOLD my take on a Sabatier

    Specs: Random Damascus Pattern with 15n20 and 26C3 carbon steels. This was a billet I purchased, made by Salem Straub. The blade profile is my take on the classic Sabateir. I've done a few Masamoto KS style blades a well, the two profiles are pretty similar. This one is somewhere between...
  10. timos

    Copper layers in cladding

    ive got a blade of that gregg dion cu mai steel and am eagerly waiting to see what its gonna be like. I am also interested to hear others user experience.
  11. timos

    PayPal Bull

    ive been getting 1099-Ks from paypal for waay less than 20K
  12. timos

    PayPal Bull

    they will send you a 1099...they keep track of the goods/ services if you gross over a certain amount. they do not count the friends and family value on the 1099.
  13. timos

    Frustration with Instagram and webstore races to get custom makers' new knives

    I am curious why no one seems to use existing auction sites? Wouldnt ebay be perfect way for a maker to get the most they can for these high demand items? I have only used the buy it now function on ebay personally so I dont know how easy it is to screw with the process. otherwise if a...
  14. timos

    Beer! What's in your fridge/cellar?

    tree house helles lager, pilsner, and a variety of IPAs , a few imperial stouts, and even a couple barley wines.
  15. timos

    Is there a common pin size for Western knife handles/tangs?

    check out jantz supply they have a variety of cutlers rivets. Most knives that you mention would be using these. personally I would use corby bolts if you are replacing something.
  16. timos

    Investment or hype?

    that pattern welded steel is unlike anything I have seen , incredible and epic piece! there is a good quality video/pics on instagram
  17. timos

    build your unicorn knife

    ohh wow, ok my unicorn is something that needs to exist but def doesnt, just like a "real" unicorn? Salem Straub high contrast mosaic damascus cladding with a spicy white core, western handle with a black timascus frame handle type construction , bog oak scales and bog oak saya with...
  18. timos

    Misen chef's knife redesign

    thats what..8mm taller at the heel? its a totally different knife!