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  1. Delat

    Stone ID?

    I have a couple stones that I bought circa 2000 from Japan Woodworker for my handplanes. They’d been gathering dust for ages when I decided to try my hand at knife sharpening. They were completely ineffective on my VG10 Shun, so I set them aside and got some Shaptons instead. I’ve been...
  2. Delat

    When cladding goes to the edge?

    I’ve seen various comments implying that cladding going all the way to the edge is a bad thing. I always assumed that it implied the blade might be ground too thick at the edge to remove the cladding. Anyway, I wanted to put aside my assumptions and hopefully get an explanation of why it’s a...
  3. Delat

    Wa handle with angled spacer?

    I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember where I saw these gyuto wa handles - they have a 2 or 3-piece angled spacer and the butt end of the handle is also angled. I’m getting a custom knife made and wanted to send the smith a photo as an example. Please jog my memory if this rings a bell.
  4. Delat

    SOLD Miura Itadaki Y Tanaka white #2

    I've used this a few times and really like it but I realized I'm really more into shorter lasers these days. OOTB the edge wasn't great, so it's been sharpened lightly once on an SG1k and SG4k. Used a couple times on proteins to build up a patina and once on some veggie prep. There's a few light...
  5. Delat

    Sweet new knife rack

    Had to share my new knife rack! I’m going to confess right up front that I spent more on this rack than on any single one of my knives. I know, I know, crazy talk! For me, a significant part of collecting knives is their beauty, so I wanted something equally decorative for my kitchen and spent...
  6. Delat

    Wok seasoning question

    I tried to season a new wok and did a questionable job. I tried the oven method - wipe with a thin coat of vegetable oil with a cloth and stick in a 450F oven for 30 minutes, repeat. I thought I applied a pretty thin coat but seems like not thin enough as I got these squiggles where presumably...
  7. Delat

    Seasoning wok before every use?

    I’ve been watching some wok videos and the chefs go through a seasoning ritual before every use - they heat the wok, dump in a full ladle of oil, swish it around, then toss the oil. Then they add fresh oil to actually cook. I’ve never done this and I’m wondering what the advantage is? Does the...
  8. Delat

    Gizmo says I suck

    I thought I’d share some info on this digital angle gauge I’ve been using for those struggling with consistency or getting poor results. As background I started sharpening back in January and quickly got to a level where my knives could cleanly slice paper and felt sharp in the kitchen, but...
  9. Delat

    Yoshikane SKD folded edge

    After using my new Yoshi SKD gyuto last night I noticed a good chunk of the edge was folded over. This is the original factory edge. I used it cut cut the bulb-end off individual garlic cloves (before peeling) and figure that must’ve caused the damage. Before I reach out to Epic Edge I wanted...
  10. Delat

    Electric sharpener vs stones pics

    @ModRQC in another thread said German knives are good for sharpening practice, so I took that as my cue for today’s practice session. For reference I had been using an electric knife sharpener on my Wusthofs for about 20 years (Chef’s Choice brand). The sharpener actually works pretty well and...
  11. Delat

    Sharpening asymmetric blade?

    Total noob and new member here... I just purchased a Shiro Kamo R2 210mm gyuto and didn’t realize it has an asymmetric grind - at least it looks to me like the left side of the blade is relatively flat while the right side is convex (left side in the choil photo). Does that mean this blade...
  12. Delat

    Hi from Phoenix

    Hi everyone, found this forum while researching upgrades to my Shun. I finally got fed up with the chipping and now looking to get something nicer. Really appreciate all the helpful advice and expertise from the posts I’ve been reading!