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  1. daniel_il

    Bought Morihei 4k

    Hello all looking to try out the morihei instead of my current chosera3k. trying my luck here before ordering from CKC.:) Daniel
  2. daniel_il

    Bought Aizu

    Hey all Looking to buy my first jnat and hope it would also be my last. i want to try out aizu as my double bevel finisher, feel free to contact me if youre looking to sell any of those..;) Daniel
  3. daniel_il

    Bought marko\shihan 52100 petty

    Hello and happy new year! i have tried so many petty knives during the last year including: takamura, toyama and HD2 but always went back to my simple Masahiro VC because its feels more robust. I'm looking for WH petty, shihan and marko came to my mind but hit me up with whatever u like...
  4. daniel_il

    Bought Carbon 270 Suji

    merry charismas and happy new year! will try my luck here..😇 looking to buy 270 carbon sujihiki (could be sakai 300). iron clad preferred i usually like rigid blades options came up to my mind: -Heiji -watanabe\toyama -mazaki feel comfortable to hit me up with whatever you have :) Daniel.
  5. daniel_il

    Bought Milan gravier/Raquin/Dalman/Kipp

    will try my luck here..😇 looking to buy 200-250 gyuto from western makers with focus on: -Milan Gravier -Brian Raquin -Robin Dalman -kippington feel comfortable to hit me up with whatever you have :)
  6. daniel_il

    Bought 180 stainless\ss petty - Ashi\HD2

    Hello all if you have a nice condition 180 petty that taking dust instead of usage please message me! generally I was thinking of 180mm HD2\ Ashi ginga stainless. western\wa handles both acceptable - I prefer western stainless\SS only (AS with stainless clad is ok) cheers
  7. daniel_il

    WTB mutsumi hinoura AS 240

    looking to get one with at least 51mm heel height shipped to NY i know they are on stock at Ai & Om Knives but if i can get one here for a better price so why not.. cheers
  8. daniel_il

    WTB 240 gyuto - anryu AS/ masakage koishi

    looking to buy one of the following gyutos: - anryu (ikeda) AS - 240 - shibata AS 240 - masakage koishi 240 would love to get offers for good condition knives cheers
  9. daniel_il

    Nao yamamoto ?

    iv'e seen his aogami super tuschime on homebutcher, RSK and epic edge. according to specs and photos they look like a tank, kind of a work horse. i would be grateful to anybody who share his knowledge about this maker or specific line. Daniel.
  10. daniel_il

    SOLD Mazaki migaki 240 gyuto

    Purchased 29/7/21 from the cooks edge (305usd). I’ve done some work on the bevels to flat them, I think it will need some more work cause it’s still wedge on a thick carrot. Handle is a nice texture teak wood with buffalo horn. Being honest I didn’t get attached to this knife and I already have...
  11. daniel_il

    Sabun powder pro 100

    have anyone ever used Sabun powder steel? i have found this 240 gyuto yo handle for around 200usd (amazon japan) look like interesting option for daily workhorse but no online info. any kind of info and user experience would be helpful :) Daniel.
  12. daniel_il

    Old deba identification

    Hey, got a knife for restoration, any info about the maker or steel type would be very appreciated, thanks! Daniel
  13. daniel_il

    Hello from tel aviv

    Some great info about fujiyama brought me here, looking to expend me knowledge and hopping to contribute some🤓 A part of my collection😁