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  1. MowgFace

    WTB Enju or Burnt Chestnut/Buffalo Horn Handles

    Hello all- Looking for a handful of Enju or Burnt Chestnut/Buffalo Horn handles, in either D or Octagonal for the following knives: 210 Yanagiba 240 Yanagiba 2 x 210 Gyuto 240 Gyuyo Lemme know what you've got laying around! Thanks in advance! Mowgs
  2. MowgFace

    WTB Kikuichi TKC 240

    Hello all- Looking for a Kikuichi TKC 240. Preferably an older model with the stamped kanji, but any one will do. Thanks! Mowgs
  3. MowgFace

    WTB Heiji/FKM/Suisin Inox/Kanehide TK

    Hello all- Looking for a few pieces: Heiji 210 SS or Carbon - Looking for flatter/pointier profile. Heiji 240 Carbon - flatter/pointier profile Fujiwara FKM - 150 petty, 180 Petty, 210 Gyuto Suisin Inox Western - 210/240 Gyuto Kanehide TK - 210 Gyuto For the Westerns, I only really need a...
  4. MowgFace

    S&G Coarse stone to pair with SP2K

    Hello all- Looking to find a Splash and Go coarse stone to pair with my Shapton Pro 2K. Any recommendations appreciated. Preferably I’d like to stay in the Shapton Pro line (For size reasons) , like the 220/320. Any Splash and Go would be considered. These stones are destined to live in my...
  5. MowgFace

    WTB Itinomonn StainLESS 150 Petty

    Looking for a Itinomonn StainLESS 150 Petty. Let me know if you have one you would consider sending off to a new home! If you have any other SS 150 wa-petty that you are interested in letting go of, dont hesitate to shoot me a word. Thanks in advanced.
  6. MowgFace

    WTB Aizu

    Also looking for an Aizu. A slightly softer stone would be preferred (Not sure if thats a thing with Aizu). Was just waiting for Tim's thread to close as to not swoop any potential stones he may grab. Let me know! Mowgs
  7. MowgFace

    Munetoshi Vs Kaeru Honyaki

    Looking to compare the recent Kaeru Honyaki with the Munetoshi Honyaki. I was originally turned off the Munetoshi because the Hamon dipped so low on the blade face, do the more recent batches still have the low hamon? Also really intrigued by the Kaerus that dropped recently. I know its a far...
  8. MowgFace

    Media Amazon Prime cooking show

    Been trying to find a post where someone was recommending an amazon prime cooking show. Can’t seem to find it for the life of me. Anyone recall?
  9. MowgFace

    WTB 240 Itinomonn Kasumi V2

    Looking for a 240 Itinomonn Kasumi in V2 from the recent batches that were flatter profiled and closer to ~49mm at the heel. Thanks KKF, Mowgs
  10. MowgFace

    Yamawaku Gyuto

    Looking for a Yamawaku Gyuto for a friend. Original handle is preferred, as I will be making a custom handle for her. Had one on order from Ebay, but was contacted by the seller saying the offering was a mistake, and there is a 5mo lead time for the next delivery. Mowgs
  11. MowgFace

    Sakai Yusuke Restock @ Blueway

    It looks like Blueway restocked their 210 and 240 Wa-gyutos! Even some special thin 240s! Mowgs
  12. MowgFace

    WTB: Yamawaku

    Interested in a Yamawaku Gyuto. They aren't too expensive on eBay but used to be 20% cheaper. Anyone have one of these they wouldn't mind letting go of? 240mm would be best case, but 210s are welcome. Thanks, Mowgs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. MowgFace

    Starter Belt Sander

    Looking to start dabbling in Wa-handles/sayas, and I am in need of a belt sander. I have read here that having a separate belt/disc is the way to go, however money and space are an issue in my case, so i am most likely looking for a combo. Possibly...
  14. MowgFace

    Budget Carbon Wa-gyuto

    Looking for a $100ish Migaki Carbon Wa-gyuto. Any ideas? 210-240 Right Handed Racket/Pinch grip Thrust/Push Cutting i would prefer just a plain finish. Not Tsuchime or KU Thanks! Mowgs