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    SOLD Hitohira Kikuchiyo Kyuzo 270mm sujihiki

    In White 2. 260x36mm. Nakagawa’s white 2 doesn’t get talked about as much as Munetoshi or Mazaki but I once used this to cut several cases of tomatoes a day for three or four days straight, plus all the other cutting, didn’t have time to sharpen (it was not a good scene), and it was still doing...
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    WTS Ohira karasu

    Bought here: $290 Makes one MF of an edge. Finer than any of my other jnats but without the too-fine feeling of a superfine synth.
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    SOLD Raquin 250mm gyuto

    250x56 194 grams regular grind. $500
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    WTS Mizukihara suita, shiro suita

    Gotta sell some stones too. Mizukihara suita, bought here, second owner. Full bench stone size. Here is the original sale: $350 Shiro suita. I tried to trace this back to find out if anyone knows the...
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    WTS Dalman/Birgersson, Hinoura, Denka

    Stuff happens and now I’ve got to post some knives I really wanted to keep. Prices are shipped US. 225mm Dalman/Birgersson. Steel is BB’s silver steel, I don’t know what it is but I know it’s reactive (like AS or SKD, not like white or W2) and the hardness is said to be around 66. 225 x 59mm...
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    Buggering up a knife so bad that it isn’t gonna be a knife again

    Since I learned to fix tips, redo profiles, and thin out chips I had taken it as received wisdom that the title was very difficult to achieve. You can mess up a knife pretty badly doing some really ill-advised stuff with it; might lose a couple mm length and height but someone with enough...
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    WTS Protein fabrication knives

    I’m moving soon and going through all my stuff. Haven’t been using these knives much lately; I got them earlier in my culinary and cutlery journey. They’re great for professionals who don’t want to use expensive Japanese gyuto and suji anywhere near bones or on a lot of fatty meat, or who like...
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    SOLD Sukenari AS 240mm sujihiki

    Wanted to try Sukenari’s super hard AS (65-66 they say) for a while and their profiles and grinds are excellent in pro kitchens. It’s redundant with my Hinoura; this one is sensible and an amazing tool so I was seriously debating selling the other instead but the Hinoura just feels so nice in my...
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    WTS Kikuichi Ginsan 240mm yanagi

    Got this in a trade a few years ago, it’s both my highest-end and least-used single bevel. I thought I’d prefer a 240 for trimming beef cuts but I actually like a 270 better even though I got that one by accident, long story. I think I’ve used it less than 5 times; the finish looks a bit weird...
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    SOLD Kagekiyo 240 Blue 1

    I hadn’t wanted to let this go because it’s Tanaka x Morihiro OMg Morihiro iz da best!!!!!!!111!!! But it’s literally the one knife I’ve owned for months that I’m not using. The fact is that I have a Tanaka Kyuzo too; although the geometries are slightly different it really is a functional...
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    SOLD Hitohira Tanaka Yohei Blue 1 240mm

    Just got this yesterday, love Tanaka’s steel and wanted to try one with Takada’s grind. Too laserish for me though, used it for a day and decided I had better let it go before I either 1) decide to keep it because I think I’m in danger of becoming a knife and stone hoarder or 2) tip it or bend...
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    Bought Kogetsu (goko hamono)

    Hoping to find a mono White 1 gyuto in 210mm or 240mm, or a 240mm sujihiki including the SK one. Also question for current owners — I saw on a vendor page (Hitohira maybe? Tosho?) that these ship zero ground; is this true, do you use them like that without a microbevel, and how do they hold up?
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    WTB Togashi sujihiki

    I dragged my feet on buying the White 1 240 at Bernal and now I feel like I majorly missed out. White or blue, 240 preferred but Sakai 270 is good too.
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    SOLD Caublestone 355mm sujihiki

    This is one of the coolest knives I’ve owned both in the sense of the final product itself and the craftsmanship. It’ll sting a bit to even consider letting it go but the reality (and the only reason I’m open to selling it) is that I bought it thinking I’d be working at a barbecue joint slicing...
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    Yellow mud stone from China

    Got one of these, that’s the name it’s listed under on Alibaba and eBay. Another pleasant surprise, even more so than the rest of these. It’s not as fine and way more muddy than the green one; leaves an edge reminiscent of a mid grit jnat and cuts very fast. As with many of the non-Japanese...
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    Welsh sharpening stone “Dragon’s Tongue”

    Got one from the ebay seller with all caps who says “people ask me if these are vintage, well they are 500 million years old.” I had done a bit of reading on these, there’s this thread on here too...
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    Rozsutec and some unknown jnat

    Got these yesterday. The rozsutec is the hardest stone I’ve used so far; luckily I had done a bit of reading so I had an idea what I’d encounter. Comes from Slovakia and there’s an interesting article out there about the people that make them! Doing...
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    Withdrawn Naniwa Superstone 12000

    Got this to mess around with but I don’t like it for my knives. Might be great for razors, yanagi in a sushi setting, or mirror polishing. I’ve lapped away about 1mm to get rid of a gouge and there is a small ding on one of the corners (upper right corner first photo). $114 new, selling for $90...
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    Agate sharpening stone

    after posting the non-japanese natural stone thread I’ve been going haam buying these and some jnats too. This is the green marbled one, sold as agate and also as jade I believe, all over Amazon and Alibaba and sites like that, shipped from China I think. It’s listed as 10k, which I dismissed on...
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    SOLD Shoubudani, Aizu

    Currently wylin‘ out buying stones and letting some loose that have fallen out of favor. Shoubudani Tomae, 198mm x 57 x 19. Great edge finisher especially on blue steels, decent polisher but not full on kasumi that I’ve achieved anyway, better at that with nagura. Mounted on wood, 553g...