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  1. aszma

    Laser gyuto for professional kitchen recommendation

    Looking to add a new gyuto to my knife roll as ive recently moved to a new restaurant where majority of my prep are root vegetables (carrots, beets, turnips, potatos, ect) and all my knives lean towards the more beefier workhorse side leading to a decent amount of wedging. Im in a good...
  2. aszma

    WTB JKI 1000 grit diamond plate

    Anyone got a spare JKI 1000 gritdiamond plate. Got the 6000 grit and really like it looking to complete the set. I dont need the stone holder and everything else that comes with it if i were to buy it new, looking for just the stone.
  3. aszma

    SOLD Toyama 270mm stainless clad suji

    Link to the original thread Bought this along with a mazaki suji and prefer the mazaki. Used 2-3 times on some cooked proteins never sharpened minimal board contact. Asking 440
  4. aszma

    WTB Stainless laser petty

    My bartender friends equipment got jacked the other night at a dinner party so im helping him get some of his stuff back. He lost his petty knife it was like a 150mm stainless. If anyone has an old petty they wouldnt mind getting ride of for cheap id appreciate it doesnt have to be in great...
  5. aszma

    Bought Mazaki 270mm sujihiki

    Looking for a mazaki 270mm sujihiki ideally an ironclad white steel one but open too all options as i couldnt find any retailers with any in stock
  6. aszma

    LF new line knife

    Just got a raise and promotion in the kitchen so i wanna celebrate with a knew knife purchase. Been rocking a gesshin stainless as my line knife for the past 2 years but wanna change it out for something a bit more lasery and longer. KNIFE TYPE Chef knife Wa handle 225mm-240mm stainless/semi...
  7. aszma

    Traded Toyama iron clad nakiri custom handle For partial trade +/- cash: Iron clad toyama Nakiri w/custom handle Looking for: Toyama 270mm sujihiki Watanabe 240-270mm sujihiki JKI 1000 and 6000 diamond plates Any interesting custom maker knife Trade value is...
  8. aszma

    WTS 240mm yanagiba

    Looking to sell a 240mm yanagiba of unknown steel possibly vg10. Back in 2018 i took a trip to japan to visit a friend she knew i was a chef and took me to this street full of japanes knife stores. I ended up buying this along with several other knives all of which i have since sold to...
  9. aszma

    Stone req for thinning?

    Looking for a low grit stone I can use to thin some of my knives as two are starting to wedge. Originally I was going to do it on a 1000 grit stone but I was recommended not too as it might take a while. Budget id like to keep it under 150USD and if anyone could shoot me some youtube videos as...
  10. aszma

    Looking for a 240ish mm sujihiki

    Looking to round out my kit with a sujihiki. Had a 270mm wat sujihiki before but wasnt a super big fan on how flimsy it felt and found the size just a tad too big for my work space and needs. So now im in the market for a 240mm sujihiki or ideally if they made one around 250-260mm but i havent...
  11. aszma

    Bought Gesshin Ginga 180mm petty or similar knife

    Both the carbon and stainless versions are currently sold out on the JKI website wondering if anyone has one that they would be willing to part with. May also be interested in any other similar knife but I havent been disappointed once by a JKI product so would prefer one.
  12. aszma

    LF low grit stone recs and some general sharpening questions

    I dont want to make several posts so im going to list a couple questions as to not take up a ton of space on the forum. Firstly looking for some recommendations on some good low grit stones mainly for doing chip repairs, thinning, and fixing completely dull knives. My only stone is a 1000/6000...
  13. aszma

    WTB Gesshin stainless or similar knife

    Looking to buy something along the line of a gesshin stainless or uraku or even any similar sized and similar stainless steel knife. Doesnt have to be BNIB buying it as a gift for a homie getting into cooking. Would also consider a nakiri or santoku.
  14. aszma

    WTT /WTS Watanabe Suji 270mm

    Bought this suji from labor of love maybe 2 months ago now. It was my first suji and i really liked it but it was just a bit too light for me and I wasnt using it as much as i thought I was going to. Ive used it maybe 3-4 times to cut some salmon and chicken breast never sharpened...
  15. aszma

    WTB 210mm-240mm stainless steel gyuto wa handle

    A friend of mines recently got into japan's knives and wants to make his first big purchase. I told him id help him out and wanted to see if anyone had something used before we look to buy new. Hes looking for a 240mm gyuot wa handle preferably in stainless steel. Looking to stay within a...
  16. aszma

    Functional difference between a small gyuto, nakiri, santoku, and bunka?

    Are there any real functional differences between a small gyuto, nakiri, santoku, or bunka? Been looking at small knives lately due to how inconvenient is to use my work knife which is a 250mm gyuto in a very small home kitchen. Been looking at smaller knives and am quite surprised how many...
  17. aszma

    WTB Smaller Raquin 160mm-210

    WTB a smaller raquin looking for either a nakiri or bunka in the 160-190mm range but would be open to a smaller gyuto in the 180-220mm range
  18. aszma

    LF new 180mm petty

    Looking to buy a 180mm petty. I really enjoyed using a takamura 150mm petty but i found it just a bit too short for certain tasks and i enjoy using a wa handle much more than a western. Looking for something light and on the laser side that will be used mainly for processing proteins and...
  19. aszma

    WTS Takamura 150mm petty

    Reselling this petty I got a couple weeks ago. I actually really like it but its just a tad bit too short for all the tasks I was trying to use it for so im putting it back up and will probably use the funds for a 180 Mazaki petty. Measurements Blade length: 150mm Height at heel: 28mm Link...
  20. aszma

    unpopular opinion knife rolls/bags are a complete scam

    Probably an unpopular opinion but I think knife rolls and bags are complete scams and are usually super over priced or just complete trash quality. Ever sense I entered the kitchen ive always been into chef gear, getting the most efficient knives and tools for each task, the most comfortable...