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  1. Iceman91

    Ealy 180mm carbon petty / Kramer Zwilling Meiji 10in gyuto

    Alright guys, trying to make some room in my knife roll. First up is a 180mm Ealy Petty in 01 carbon. This knife has a snakewood and Blackwood handle. I special requested this knife to be really thin. It is much thinner than Del’s normal stock. Has a nice bit of flex to it as well. Paid $295...
  2. Iceman91

    Espresso machines: Synesso or La Marzocco?

    Hey guys, I’ve been looking into getting a high end espresso machine for a new restaurant that I’ll be opening soon. I’ve been doing some research and looking at some brochures lately, and I have fallen in love with the synesso mvp hydra. Really love the look of it and have only heard great...
  3. Iceman91

    Mizuno 240mm Blue #2 Gyuto

    Up for sale is my 240mm Mizuno hon kasumi gyuto. Bought from japanesechefsknife a few months ago. It has been a solid knife in my rotation for the last few months, but Santa brought a lot of new knives this christmas so I am just not using it much anymore. I thinned and refinished the knife a...
  4. Iceman91

    FS: 265mm Michael Rader Gyuto

    Up for sale is my 265mm Rader gyuto in 52100. The handle is curly maple with a koa endcap. This is an awesome knife, Michael really worked with me on this and he went thinner at the spine, and behind the edge than he normally does. Its a really great cutter, and a unique piece. Since everyone...
  5. Iceman91

    FS: 240 Gengetsu Western Gyuto.

    Up for sale is my nearly new 240mm Western handle gengetsu gyuto in white #2. This is one of the best knives i have ever used. Nice thickness at the spine but really thin behind the edge. Really nice grind, great distal taper, amazing balance. The only reason i am selling this is bc i made an...
  6. Iceman91

    Moving to NYC!

    Hey guys! I am moving to NYC in 2 weeks for a new job. I know there are a few members in the city so it would be cool to meet up and talk about knives over a cold brew! Cheers! Mike
  7. Iceman91

    WTB: Martell 240 Gyuto

    I know this is a gigantic long shot, but i figured i would throw it out there and hope for the best. Doesn't matter if its a western or a wa. Thanks in advance dudes!! Mike
  8. Iceman91

    FS: Pierre Rodrigue 270mm suji in S35vn

    Up for sale is my Rodrigue 270 mm suji. I have only had this knife for a week, it is in brand new condition. The steel is S35vn and the handle stabilized buckeye burl with a metal spacer and g10 ferrule. Comes with a matching leather saya made by Pierre. Since it is basically brand new, looking...
  9. Iceman91

    FS: Mario 260mm Gyuto

    Up for sale is my 260mm Mario gyuto in CPM 154. This knife has a Koa/Musk ox horn/ buffalo horn handle. This is a really nice knife, great cutting performance. I have bought 3 new customs in the past month so it's time for this one to find a new home. The knife has a few very minor sharpening...
  10. Iceman91

    FS: Suisin INOX Honyaki 210mm Petty

    This is a re-sell. I bought this from Riverie about a month ago. Always wanted to try this style of knife but this one is too thin and has more flex than i like so i thought i would pass it on. Knife is in great condition and hasn't been sharpened since i got it. Asking what i paid for it. $145...
  11. Iceman91

    FS: Michael Rader Custom 10in Chefs Knife

    Up for sale is my custom 10in chefs knife from Michael Rader. This knife is 1086 carbon steel and is in excellent condition. This is one of my favorite blades, a real nice performer. Only selling this to fund a bigger project from Michael. Asking $1000 shipped OBO. Thanks for looking! Mike...
  12. Iceman91

    FS: Shigefusa Kurouchi 150mm Wa Petty[email protected]/7222474410/[email protected]/7222473184/[email protected]/7222472486/[email protected]/7222470964/[email protected]/7222469770/ Up for sale is my...
  13. Iceman91

    FS: 7.8 sun Carter HG funayuki

    Selling my 7.8 sun Carter funy. Not sure exactly how long 7.8 sun is, but im pretty sure its around 9.5 in. I have included some pictures of it next to a konosuke 240mm gyuto and my Rader 10in gyuto for comparison. This knife cuts great, been an awesome knife for me. Just selling to free up some...
  14. Iceman91

    Media Rader 10 inch Gyuto

    Just received my new toy. Its a 10 in Rader gyuto in 1086. Just thought you guys might want to see some pics.[email protected]/6941611473/[email protected]/6795504276/[email protected]/6941620413/...
  15. Iceman91

    FS: Ealy Petty in O-1

    Selling my Del Ealy 155mm Petty in O-1 carbon. This knife has awesome snakewood scales and african black wood bolsters. This is a great knife, the handle is comfortable, nice profile and grind. It is just a little small for me, i find myself hardly using it and mostly just looking at it. I have...
  16. Iceman91

    Fresh Bluefin tuna

    Thought you guys would be interested in seeing this. This arrived at work on monday. Bluefin tuna with the belly.[email protected]/6720547837/[email protected]/6720542481/[email protected]/6720539127/
  17. Iceman91

    Another Christmas present post

    Looking for a new toy to buy myself for Christmas. I am currently considering the following knives: Stephan Fowler Gyuto Stephan Fowler Petty/Suji Pierre Rodrigue Gyuto Mizuno honraten Blue #2 gyuto Masamoto KS Gyuto Hiromoto Gyuto/Suji rehandled, thinned etc. Martell Gyuto/Suji Marko...
  18. Iceman91

    Konosuke white #2 240mm wa-gyuto

    Konosuke white #2 240mm wa-gyuto. This knife is in perfect condition. I can sell it with the existing patina, which i think looks good, or polish it off. Buyer's choice. This knife has only been sharpened once because i just don't use it as often as my other gyuto's. I only have a few pics but...
  19. Iceman91

    Impulse buy

    So with all the talk of how great of cutters Carter's knives are, I bought one. A 7.8 sun high grade funayuki. This was totally an impulse buy. I don't really need it, at all, but figured i needed to try one out. Hope I'm not disappointed. Mike
  20. Iceman91

    Michael Rader 240mm Wa-Gyuto

    Michael Rader 240mm Wa-Gyuto. This knife is lightly used, sharpened once. Great looking wood on this one and it performs great. Asking $450 OBO.[email protected]/6152681199/in/photostream[email protected]/6152681255/in/photostream/...