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  1. Jville

    Withdrawn Set of Shig Gyuto Kasumi 210,180

    Selling as a set, a 210 and 180 gyutos. Neither has been sharpened both have been used, stropped on some leather, don’t think anything else. Ran out of natural daylight, so the pics aren’t greatest. Nothing wrong with these, both got patinas. $1725 CONUS shipping, 210 has nice stock...
  2. Jville


    Will miss this…. This one doesn’t have the little makers mark, and has spot in the cladding. I will post it in the pics. Here is the explanation from Bryan : “, it looks like a welding issue , it's happen sometime , low Welding temperatures , or ( and..) impurity in wrought iron ( like dust on...
  3. Jville

    SOLD SUKENARI 240 YXR7 Gyuto

    Got from KNS, pretty recently, stropped a little on leather. Used on Thanksgiving prep including aggressively rock chopping rosemary and later some random test cuts. $330 includes CONUS shipping.
  4. Jville


    I’m this happy to sell this Too me, there is nothing wonky about it. The grind and bevels nice the fit and finish is par. The finger notch is nicely done and smooth and comfortable. Don’t worry there is a little wabi sabi it came with a little scuff on the finish. I stropped a little on a high...
  5. Jville

    SOLD Migoto White #1 gyuto 240

    I don’t usually like to give a sales pitch, but I would like to sell this quickly without a huge loss. That being said what I am about to say is my honest opinion not a sleezy sales pitch… but uggh I do want to sell it😀, because I need cash now. FMs sell out very quickly. These do not sell...
  6. Jville

    WTS Mert Tansu SC125 Honyaki

    Blah, blah, blah I need cash. I got this from Mert at the bladeshow for $1100 some years back. It is his workhorse grind with great distal taper. Sharpened once or twice(think maybe twice) on 1k and then up. Sharpened stupid easy. I really haven’t even scratch the surface of the types of...
  7. Jville

    WTS Tansu 52100 Integral Sab

    Unfortunately I need some cash and I am moving more and more to cleavers as my main knives, instead of gyutos, so I need to let some things go that I like. This is Mert’s take on the classic Sabatier. This one is chunky at the heel but then thins out quickly and is very thin BTE. Bought it...
  8. Jville


    I took these pictures at night so the lighting is bad. But you can still see the knive. Had this for a few years, bust it out sometimes. It’s spent most of the time chilling in the drawer. Touched up a little on a meara, I think once. Can’t remember if I ever stropped it again, but it’s...
  9. Jville

    SOLD Shibat Kashima 240 Kippington OG Hook grind

    I’m going to be selling some gyutos. So here is some more. Shibata Kashima 240. Like it, but been grabbing cleavers more and more and it’s just chilling in the drawer. There may be sone light scratches in the front, but it’s hard for me to tell. Tried to take a pic, but it’s very subtle...
  10. Jville

    WTS Kippington 52100 Nakiri-gyuto

    I wasn’t going to post my thoughts on this, but I am going to post my initial thoughts that I sent to Kipp, before I ever thought of selling this. Been used some. I may have put it on a 1k once lightly or a I may have touched up on a higher grit stone, can’t exactly remember. $415 prefer...
  11. Jville

    Which Takeda is which?

    So I hear a lot of this concept that the classic are somewhat superior to the NAS Takedas. Sometimes as if the NAS are like clunky or wedges. So here is two choil shots, which one is which. Both are cleavers.
  12. Jville

    WTS Takeda Cleaver and Nakiri

    Unfortunately, I need som money for something pressing right now. Very fond of both of these knives and would rather not sell them, if it were not for my predicament. Later, I will probably go get another Large Takeda cleaver and if I could get another classic nakiri I would. I would probably...
  13. Jville

    SOLD Kippington 250 “COMFY” Laser

    52100 Steel, used never sharpened or touched up. I say it’s due for one. I’m going to be letting go of some nice gyutos, because I find myself more drawn to cleavers, and these gyutos are distracting. $505 includes PayPal fees and CONUS shipping. CONUS only. Choil shot is not very good...
  14. Jville

    SOLD Blue #2 Mazaki 240 Gyuto

    This one has been chilling in the drawer. Bought this one and was so impressed upon initial inspection that I immediately bought the blue#1 version. I have been using that one. The blue #2 for sale is BNIB. I did notice a tiny black speck. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about, but I...
  15. Jville

    Fix a Felt Strop

    I got some bumps in a felt strop, believe it got sone water droplets on it. Has anyone fixed this? I was wondering if I could take a razor blade and just shave the bumps off. What do you think?
  16. Jville

    WTS Bryan Raquin Cookie

    This cookie is just sitting around being a drawer Queen. This would be a great edition to add to those who are flipping a Raquin that do not have the cookie for whatever reason, or perhaps add an authentic feel to those who have a Raquin and didn’t get a cookie. I was going to sell for $300...
  17. Jville

    WTS Meet Tansu Custom Gyuto 52100

    So this is a custom that Mert made for me out 52100. Not that my collection is so extravagant compared to some that I see, but I’m still at the point where I do not want to let things go. Anything that I let go hurts some, but I just got an integral from Mert in 52100 and I also have a Kipp...
  18. Jville

    WTS Shig 180 Kasumi Gyuto

    Ugggh, kind of a weird BST post I must admit. But basically I spontaneously bought the 180 shig Gyuto from JNS. I own a 210 Kasumi and have wanted a 240 or 270. When I saw that they popped up on JNS but those sizes were gone, I grabbed the 180 without really thinking it through. It cost me...
  19. Jville

    WTS Drawer sale

    Ill be updating this thread with group pricing. Trying to raise a little cash.
  20. Jville


    Something came up that i need cash for. This is pretty newish sliced a steak to get some patina going, then did some peppers and onions, maybe a carrot. I touched it up on a Meara before i cut with it. It has some patina, produces nice blues but most of it is from onions and peppers. $820...