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    Whetstone for thinning. Recommendations.

    +1 sigma 240 sealed, Shapton Pro 120, Baryonyx Mutt. I like to use one of the grooved SiC stone fixers to dress the surfaces of coarse stones
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    Best knife for segmenting fruit?

    Something around 165-180. I’ve done a case of these with carbon and yes, I have to touch up the edge after, but it doesn’t dull it enough to stop working in the middle of the project. That said stainless is optimal, something like a Ginga 180 petty? And Sukenari would also be a good pick. For...
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    That d*mn courier thread.

    Lots of bad experiences with ups and FedEx, some predictable and understandable based on the news at the time and some not. Never had a bad experience with dhl. They’re my favorite but I haven’t known anyone to use them shipping domestically within the us.
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    What's your favorite 240mm Gyuto under $300

    Looks very Heiji-like; is that accurate in practice?
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    S390 67HRC some sharpening advice

    Diamonds will definitely grind anything and there seem to be some better and more accessible options than last time I was looking; the other thing that comes to mind is Sigma Power Select II because weren’t these designed for hard, wear resistant, high carbide PM steels?
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    Home Use Suji - Preferred Length?

    270 especially because some 240s are under nominal edge length and that’s just too short for a slicer. You could look into a 240 that runs big or a Sakai 270 for something with an actual edge measurement of 250-260
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    What's your favorite slicer for a Standing Rib Roast?

    Mazaki, although I’ve not used a Tanaka suji but would imagine it to be exceptional as well.
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    SOLD Shibata kashima 240 and Kurosaki AS laser 240

    +1 best stainless laser out there
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    Wolf Gourmet

    Wolf ranges are worth every penny, even the $10k ones. The other stuff with their name on it though probably isn’t, and I can’t imagine the knives being substantially different from or superior to Wusthof, Messermeister, etc.
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    *** happened?!

    I’m pretty sure Maksim is actually Mazaki with a fedora and sideburns and some fake tattoos
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    Memes and whatnot

    go dahn the mawn an drink some arns from the jawn iggle Eta: Allegheny whitefish
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    Laser gyuto for professional kitchen recommendation

    Shibata Kashima for the win, and a friend of mine has the AS which is also damn good. Goko Kogetsu also, if anything it’s even more of an ultimate laser than Shibata but it is mono white 1 if reactive steel would be an issue in your kitchen.
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    Been a while since we had a Cleaver chat.

    I think that’s the one yes, 366g
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    Looking for a sturdy beater

    A Tosa forged butcher knife or heavy gyuto in blue steel. I have a couple for cutting chickens through the breastbone and spine and all the other things you shouldn’t do with a nice gyuto.
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    Opposite of Laser

    What is it?
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    Has anyone downgraded their overall collection?

    Not in so many words; but I don’t have as many expensive gyuto at one time as I used to. I had to try them all to learn about knives and learn what I like but as a tool kit, a lot of them are equally good and hence in my mind became redundant. Then I did the same thing with sujihiki. I have as...
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    Mikawa Nagura recommendation

    I’ve seen a few around and would like one someday, no more expensive than the range for suita and other finishers, seem to be a lot fewer out there though.
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    "Supplemental" Appliances. How Much Do You Really Use Them?

    Pressure cooker I use a lot especially for stock. Immersion blender sometimes, robot coupe somewhat more frequently because I do blender stuff in there too. Kitchen aid when needed but when it’s needed nothing else will do so it’s good to have around. Microwave almost never, if I need boiling...
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    Mandolin rec?

    Oh lots of pros use them, I'm just not any good with one, not very fast, afraid I'm more likely to hurt myself with it
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    Mandolin rec?

    good pick, everyone I know uses that one too. The blades sharpen just like a single bevel knife with a low shinogi and no handle, if you can sharpen a knife you can sharpen these. Personally I don’t like to use a mando and I can do most things better with a knife than I can with a mando, but...