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  1. Avishar

    Cutting techniques for optimized efficiency

    Since the day I started preparing food in a professional kitchen I always have tried to take the time to watch how everyone cuts different products and tried to figure out which way is fastest, wears the edge of our blades the least, and can be repeated continuously without excessive fatigue...
  2. Avishar

    Martell #3 (P)Re-view

    So after a full day of back and forth dialogue with the USPS that was full of untruths and wrong tracking information (delivery attempted at 7:59 PM?! Notice left... but where?!) the package arrived! I opened the box to find a cool soft case that I proceeded to unzip. What lay inside sliced...
  3. Avishar

    Next menu: Thailand

    Check out the "Trailer"! It would be pretty awesome to work there, its would be like staging endlessly! Wish I had tickets to this one!
  4. Avishar

    My humble knives

    Nothing too unique/special here, but here they are: apologies for the lack of proper photography skills and the messy room :scared2:
  5. Avishar

    Zwilling/Kramer 10" Chef initial impressions

    The knife arrived yesterday, and after an acquaintance period, and a long and thorough day of prep and service, 80% of the verdict is in! The fit and finish of the knife is excellent, right on par with my DT ITK which it will be directly compared to throughout the next couple weeks. The...
  6. Avishar

    JKS Knife Thread

    Hey all, Since we have a new place to play, why don't we start off by talking about the new beginning Dave is taking with the new knives he is making? What do you all think of the cardboard prototypes, etc? I am proud to say I dropped my paycheck without a second thought to see this one come...