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    WTB [US-CA] takamura 270 slicer, nenox yo deba, and a 285 nenox slicer

    Hey KKF, looking to buy a few knives for a friend. I think hes looking for a takamura pro or any of the uchi/hana ones. For the nenox knives he is looking for the bone handles. Yo deba medium lengths 165-210. thanks!
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    WTB Takamura Hana/uchigumo, or pro 210/240mm gyuto, 270 suji

    Hey KKF, looking to buy a takamura Hana or standard black western handle uchigumo damascus 210 or 240mm gyuto. also interested in the takamura pro 210/240mm gyuto and 270mm suji as well. Let me know what you have!
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    WTB Cast-off handle for 210mm gyuto(octagonal preferred)

    Hey guys I recently got a 210mm gyuto I was planning to give away as a gift but I'm guessing the heat or something got to it and the ferrule cracked and glue got beat up a bit during shipping. If anyone has a cheap handle laying around let me know. I'm in California, USA. Pics of the poor...
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    WTB 240mm Iron clad Watanabe or Toyama

    Hey KKF, I got my first Toyama not too long ago and it weighed in at 214g. On the heavier side of my collection but cuts like a dream. I want to see what a heavier beefier toyama or watanabe would feel like(~240g+) compared to this one. I'm located in CA, USA thanks!
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    WTB: 240mm Wakui, Anryu Blue hammered, Konosuke KD2, KS

    Hey guys, I'm very new to knives still and don't have any friends to lend me their knives so I am left to buy a bunch of different knives and test them out, and keeping the ones i like! I am moving to SF next week to go back to school so I need to do this now before rent and tuition take all...
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    WTB 240mm wa-Gyuto, first gyuto

    Hey KKF, I'm looking to get my first gyuto and learn how to sharpen on it. My budget is around ~100-200USD. I want to get a used one instead of a new because money is a little tight, and I'd feel less bad making it ugly with my horrible sharpening I would prefer W2 with cladding, but not...
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    WTB Chosera 800/1000(or other med grit gesshin 2k, cerax) and finishing stone(rika 5k)

    Hey KKF I am new to J Knives and sharpening and would like to buy a used chosera 800/1000 to learn how to sharpen on. Its not super expensive on amazon, but I am going back to school so rent + tuition is killing my funds so saving wherever I can helps! A rika 5000, or another finishing stone...
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    Please help me choose so I can stop thinking about it (chosera 800 vs 1000)

    I have been scouring the forums for a while now and can't make a choice between the chosera 800 or 1000 as my first/only stone. I will add a finishing stone 3-5k sometime later in the future, but want something to learn how to sharpen and last me a while! I plan to have only AS, aogami 2...
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    Looking for my first gyuto!

    Hey KKF, I've been cooking for years now and have really enjoyed it, but have always bought mass produced knives and am looking to get my first non mass produced knife. I am moving to San Francisco this summer and will be leaving the knives I have at home for my family to use so this will...
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    kanji identification?

    Hey guys, trying to get a deba knife to add to my collection and saw these on craigslist, and was interested. The one of the left I was able to work out to be a cheap sekiryu kanenobu deba, but can't seem to figure out the right one. Thanks! cant seem to...
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    New Member from California!

    Hey KKF, I’m a home cook who has been into knives for a while now, nothing fancy, and wanted to start getting into some nicer Japanese carbon steel blades and sharpening! Looking forward to learning a lot here!