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  1. pkjames


    Sorry for the rather late notice. Knives and Stones is having a BFCM2020 SALE on both the US and AU sites. For the US site, we have a storewide 10% sale, which is the only sale a year and it is a non-selective, no gimmick SALE. The coupon code is: BFCM2020 On top of that, we have the Masamoto...
  2. pkjames

    A video playlist of handle removal and installation

    Just to let you guys know that I have composed a playlist on the topic of rehandling on my youtube channel which I recently started to put more effort into. There is a ton of misinformation out there about how to install handles, particularly using the burn-in method on hardwood handles. I also...
  3. pkjames

    Domain name change and SALE

    Knives and Stones Australia has been using the domain from the beginning, as it was easier to remember (IMHO). In late 2019, we have started our US operations with the domain name, yet it is not the ideal name because virtually no US business uses...
  4. pkjames

    BFCM 2019 SALE

    Hi Fellow KKF friends, The Black Friday Cyber Mondy 2019 (BFCM2019) Sale is now live on both K&S AU and K&S US. For AU site, ( We have created a dedicated BFCM SALE Category, which we will list some rare items, some deep discounts and maybe some one-off upgrades. More...
  5. pkjames

    New Yorker Discount

    I want to create a universal pricing in the US and can't figure out how to apply automatic discount for NY customers. Please kindly use coupon code: NEWYORKER to get 8% off for new york orders. The overall price should work out similar to states. Inputs from shopify experts welcome!
  6. pkjames

    Announcement: Knives and Stones is Heading to the US!

    I am excited to announce that Knives and Stones is launching the US operations. It has been a lot of hard work at the background to pull it off, but it is finally a reality. Our website is now live and you can place your orders now (but please do read the next sections)...
  7. pkjames

    Japan Trip, July 2019

    In July, I traveled to Japan with my associates. We had a super nice dinner in Osaka with Aoki-san from Sakai Takayuki, then traveled to Echizen to say hello with everyone there. After Echizen, we visited Sukenari in Toyama and finally drove to Sanjo to meet with Yoshikane, Hinoura and other...
  8. pkjames

    Hi KKF, I am back :)

    I know I have been away from KKF for quite a while now and sometimes guys have a hard time try to reach me. Of course I can make up a ton of excuses, such as running a small business is hard, running the business on multiple locations is hard, and having a 7-year old and 2-year old doesn't help...
  9. pkjames

    Knives and Stones Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale

    Hey fellas! As some of you probably know, K&S is having a BFCM sale, starting at 11am Friday, 24/Nov/2017, Sydney Time (GMT+11). Still I thought it is worth the announcement here to explain a bit about the format of the sale. Unlike the 11.11 sale which was a general storewide discount...
  10. pkjames

    KASFLY (CZAR) Ultimate Sandpaper holder

    Hi Guys, As you have probably read about the CZAR sandpaper holder from this thread, as as the sole distributor of CZAR products overseas, I have say sorry to everyone that I am a bit late to upload the item to the site. Basically, this is a sandpaper holder that is built like a tank and...
  11. pkjames

    Away until 3/Aug - Free knife roll for orders over AU$200 during this period

    Hi Guys, I am away to China and Japan, from Monday 24/Jul and will be back on 3/Aug, back in time for the Sydney Knife Show. Before I leave, I received a delivery of my newly designed K&S knife roll. It is now available at the store for a mere AU$30 :D More importantly, if your knife...
  12. pkjames

    Tanaka Blue 2 Stainless Clad In Store!

    Hi Guys, just a heads up of the new Tanaka Blue 2 with stainless clad. I wish I could offer more profiles but so far I only got the Gyuto. We all love Tanaka for its superb price / performance. His Blue 2 damascus line has long been one of the standout product thanks to his exceptional heat...
  13. pkjames

    Kurosaki Chiku Migaki Special

    Just a quick heads up, I have two of these Kurosaki Chiku Mikgai Special version available, with marble horn instead of the black horn.
  14. pkjames

    Sukenari Ginsanko with new K&S handle design

    Received a batch of Ginsan (Stamped) Gyuto from Sukenari, decided to throw in my new handle design (ebony, black horn with red spacer) ;) You can find them here James
  15. pkjames

    Tanaka Ginsan - Lite

    G'day friends. Giving you a heads up on the new release of the Tanaka Ginsan "Lite" version. In essence, I am now selling the Tanaka Ginsan (and maybe others) without the K&S treatment (rounding spine, choil, initial sharpening etc); and will install a simpler version of my K&S handles which...
  16. pkjames

    Shinko Seilan, best valued K&S offering so far

    Hi fellow KKFer, Another exciting product announcement! I finally got my hands on the much loved Shiro Kamo KU blades, in Aogami Super with soft iron clad: a full on carbon blade by the Takefu master. This line is a direct result from feedbacks provided by customer like you. I understand...
  17. pkjames

    Saji Damascus R2 with Tanaka Western handle

    Just want to share this unique line of product to you. Basically I asked a craftsman who use to work on Tanaka's western ironwood line to put on the same type of coke-bottle shaped handle on Saji's knives. Reason? I just don't think there is a better western handle from Japan that is better...
  18. pkjames

    Away to Japan, added some stock and discount

    I am away to Japan from tomorrow and will come back on the 20th/Feb. To keep things going I have added the following: 1. I restocked some Tanaka KU and Ginsan 240 and the hugely popular Shinko Kurokumo by Shiro Kamo 240 Gyuto. 2. I added 5% storewide discount during the time I am away. If...
  19. pkjames

    Hinoura Knives

    I am very pleased (and somewhat unexpected) that I received a small delivery of Mitsumi Hinoura knives. Classic Sanjo finish with the burnt chestnut handle / horn ferrule. This time around they are all White 2 with iron clad in Migaki (Polished) finish. I will follow up with the specs...
  20. pkjames

    New Stock: Sukenari AS Gyuto & Kurosaki KU AS Bunka / Santoku 180mm

    Hi KKF, Just a quick note. I have added some Sukenari AS and Kurosaki Bunka, Santoku 180mm to the store. Sukenari AS, with K&S handles: Kurosaki AS KU Bunka 180mm...