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    WTS Discount Ikeda Honyaki (240) and Sukenari (270)

    Beautiful knives & reasonable prices. GLWS
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    Techniques Ramen 101. Tare & oil

    Thank you for sharing
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    Traded Konosuke 240mm MB gyuto

    The Saya is so beautiful.
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    Gyuto or Bunka? Decision advice needed to start rabbit hole descent!

    Gyuto + nakiri for a pair maybe?
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    Hi from Hong Kong

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    What about Takeshi Saji’s Suji? Any ideas?
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    WTT Shigefusa 240 kitaeji yanagi

    GLWT. If you changed your mind about the part “shig not for sale”, please PM. Thanks.
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    One Stone, but Which ?

    Chosera 800 is my pick
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    WTS Kato Sakimaru Takohiki 300mm BNIB

    What a beauty. GLWS!
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    WTS Two Tatsuo Ikeda / One Genkai

    If only the genkai were 2-side snow, I would take it in 1ms. :( That Fuji looks gorgeous. GLWS
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    what are you drinking tonight?

    Had some sake while sharpening a deba.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Sick Damascus! Gratz!
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    Budget training Yanagi/takohiki?

    Thanks for the input.
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    Budget training Yanagi/takohiki?

    It looks nice. Thanks.
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    Budget training Yanagi/takohiki?

    I'm righty.
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    Budget training Yanagi/takohiki?

    we can use yahoo auction in the US?
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    Budget training Yanagi/takohiki?

    Hi there, I’m looking for a budget (under $200) sushi knife to practice cutting, sharpening, thinning, and mirror polishing, etc. Any suggestions on some cheap options with ok quality? Thanks.
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    What do you have on your wrist?

    Unfortunately... This..