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  1. TheCaptain

    infernos rehandling thread.

    Very distinct style. Looking good!
  2. TheCaptain

    what are you drinking tonight?

    +1. Well said!
  3. TheCaptain

    Cobwebs Down Here

    Ok I'll bite. 30# ?
  4. TheCaptain

    Whats on the bench.

    Pretty impressive!
  5. TheCaptain

    Martell Knives Website

    WIP pictures? You know what they say about a picture being worth...
  6. TheCaptain

    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    Open faced lemongrass chicken bahn mi. Rolls we got were too small for all this goodness. I know it looks like a mess but damn were these good!
  7. TheCaptain

    mazaki knives

    You mean DH? Yep, I'm getting a Nakiri for him and a Gyuto for me :whistle: A little treat after all the frigging OT lately.
  8. TheCaptain

    mazaki knives

    Thanks Panda. Ugg. Think it has to be KU.
  9. TheCaptain

    dear chicago kkfers - kimchi carbonara

    Kinda harsh when you don't know the situation? I'm as hardass as it comes to stuff with kids UNTIL a close friend had a child with aspergers. It's not always just a discipline issue.
  10. TheCaptain

    Hideriyama Huge Koppa (from EU)

    If I didn't already have one I'd be all over this. It really is a great stone. Shocked it's still here.
  11. TheCaptain

    mazaki knives

    Trying to decide KU or polished :doublethumbsup:
  12. TheCaptain

    Farberware stone mat (okay..sponge mat)

    Thanks Kit for the link! Mine arrived Sunday (only ordered one to try) and I love it! Will pick up a few more. It's much better than a towel on a quartz counter.
  13. TheCaptain

    Tanaka nashiji stainless clad Blue 2

    Not really. James wouldn't let me pay for the knife :curse:. He refunded my payment and told me he considered it marketing cost. I've been meaning to post that here but until just a few days ago work has been absolutely kicking my ass.
  14. TheCaptain

    dear chicago kkfers - kimchi carbonara

    For non facebook people this place: I think I'm close enough for delivery. Will let you know (did you see their menu, did you see it!!!)
  15. TheCaptain

    Heads up - store restocking.

    Whoot Whoot! and I got one in time!!! Although not going through paypal triggered the fraud alert on my credit card?!? :pirate1: Got it fixed though. Robin - let me know if anything looked funny from your end. My credit card company is hypersensitive to foreign transactions.
  16. TheCaptain

    THOR Cleaver rehandle.

    Pictures or it didn't happen.
  17. TheCaptain

    Cat has a death wish

    Hungry bears? Yea if you're talking about the kind who play football 😝. Chicago burbs are still pretty urban. We get an occasional fox or coyote. As far as drivi g on ice, it's an acquired skill. You only have to worry about the noobs who haven't had enough practice.
  18. TheCaptain

    Cat has a death wish

    And this is why I stay in the frozen tundra.
  19. TheCaptain

    Source for a blond buffalo horn rolls found.

    Yep. I love marbeled horn and was very pleased with what came judging on appearances alone. Now I just need some time to work with it.
  20. TheCaptain

    Source for a blond buffalo horn rolls found.

    I've already picked up 25. Smaller just for ferrule. 30mm long 25mm diameter for 160 all in including shipping. For $6.50 per horn I figured I could afford to make a few mistakes while trying to learn how to make handles. And yes his communication is excellent and he is aggressive at...