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  1. mauichef

    SOLD Tadafune Vintage SK Komakiri Gyuto 230mm

    Tadafune Vintage SK Komakiri Gyuto 230mm Used once on some soft ingredients. never sharpened or stropped. Some very minor marks on the blade. Really interesting knife. But I need to clear some space. $100 all in to USA.
  2. mauichef

    WTS Teruyasu Fujiwara Santoku 185mm JCK Special - REDUCED!

    Teruyasu Fujiwara Santoku 185mm JCK Special with handle by DPham. Used about 3 times. Stropped once, never sharpened. Great condition. Beautiful handle by DPham. $370 all in to USA. PM for other places.
  3. mauichef

    Withdrawn Tanaka R2 Ironwood Nakiri BNIB

    For sale is a Brand New Tanaka R2 Ironwood Nakiri. 165mm. These nakiri are pretty rare and now more so as he has stopped making several styles of the R2 Ironwood line, including this one. Hate selling it but there are some knives out there with my name on them! Brand new. $925.00 all in to USA...
  4. mauichef

    SOLD HHH Steak knives x 2

    Two barely used steak knives from Randy Haas. Recently purchased from original owner who might have used them a couple of times on a plastic plate! We used them once. They have not been sharpened or stropped. Steel: HHH San Mai, Stainless over Blue#2 core RC62 Scales: Stabilized wood. Blue Box...
  5. mauichef

    SOLD 2 Mike Jones Knife and Tool chef knives

    Catch and release time! For sale are 2 new Mike Jones Knife and Tool chef knives. Never used or sharpened. They are just not my style of knife. Reclaimed high carbon steel. These are quite heavy and meaty. The small one arrived with a very minor tip damage which I have addressed. It is still...
  6. mauichef

    WTS Konosuke Swedish Stainless Western Gyuto 270mm

    Konosuke Swedish Stainless Western Gyuto 270mm Used to cut one tomato and maybe an onion! Never sharpened. $210 incl PP and shipping.
  7. mauichef

    WTS Tsubaya Tanaka Blue #1 Gyuto 270mm Satine Handle

    Tsubaya Tanaka Blue #1 Gyuto 270mm Satine Handle Second owner. Original owner never used it. I have used it once. It's like new! It is a sweet knife and handle but way more than I need in terms of size. I'm really not a 270 guy. New price is $600 shipped but they are out of stock right now...
  8. mauichef

    WTS Saji Rainbow B#2 Damascus Gyuto 240mm

    For Sale - Like New - Saji Rainbow B#2 Damascus Gyuto 240mm I can't call it new because I cut a tomato and one or two onions. But to all intent and purpose it is like new! Stunning knife in every way. Just not for me. These are impossible to find lately. $435 incl PP, shipping and insurance.
  9. mauichef

    Takeda NAS Medium Gyuto 257mm

    Takeda Stainless Clad Medium Gyuto Really nice example of this classic knife. 257mm edge length 61.5mm tall at the heel. Spine: 2.31, 2.25, 1.45 Great shape over all. I think I am the second or third owner. Don't really want to sell but need funds for future purchases! $310 incl...
  10. mauichef

    Yahiko White #2 Hakata 180mm

    Turning stuff over. Looking to sell a virtually new Yahiko White #2 Hakata 180mm. Used once or twice. Never sharpened. $200 incl.PP and shipping USA.
  11. mauichef

    Saji Rainbow B#2 Damascus Gyuto 240mm NIB

    Saji Rainbow B#2 Damascus Gyuto 240mm NIB Stunning knife in every way. Bought for my wife, but it did not resonate with her. $435 incl shipping (USA) and PP.
  12. mauichef

    WTS New Masamoto KS Gyuto 240mm

    This is from the recent lot sold by CKTG. Used to cut 3 potatoes and one onion!!!! The knife is just not my style. Some of the protective varnish has come off. $375 incl shipping to CONUS and PayPal. According to Mark@CKTG these were the last ones for a while. Length 252mm Height...
  13. mauichef

    Beware of selling to absolutecarbon!!!!!!!!

    I sold a knife to this member (absolutecarbon) last year through the KKF classifieds. He paid for it and was happy with the purchase. Unfortunately I screwed up and PayPal returned his payment due to me not "accepting" it. He used a none registered address and the payment needed my approval...
  14. mauichef

    Itto Ryu Nakiri w/Custom handle and saya

    Up for grabs is my Itto Ryu Nakiri. Isaiah Schroeder made the beautiful Handle and Saya. Lacewood saya, sycamore ferrule, musk ox horn and bronze spacers, dyed curly ash body, and a mokume gane end cap. I used it a couple of times and it's been in the drawer ever since. Multiple recent...
  15. mauichef

    New Konosuke Fujiyama Honyaki W3 Fuguhiki 300mm

    My Konouke Fujiyama Honyaki White #3 Fuguhiki 300mm (no handle) is for sale. This is a brand new item. The blade was shipped straight to Carter Hopkins for a custom handle so I have not had a chance to even see or hold it. I have been a very knaughty knife boy this past few months and it's...
  16. mauichef

    Aloha from Maui

    Hi everyone. I am an artist and photographer who is passionate about cooking. A couple of years ago I bought my first serious knives..a pair of Shuns and made the statement that I would not become a collector! Now over 20 knives later I guess I am hooked...seriously. Looking forward to...