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  1. mengosmoothie

    Show your newest knife buy

    Wow that knife looks absolutely wicked. I’m not familiar with this maker. Can you share some info about him/her?
  2. mengosmoothie

    SOLD Mazaki 180mm Petty & JNS Synth Red Aoto

    Wow that petty looks awesome. Itchy fingers.....
  3. mengosmoothie

    SOLD Mazaki 180mm Petty & JNS Synth Red Aoto

    Wow that petty looks awesome. Itchy fingers.....
  4. mengosmoothie

    Show your newest knife buy

    Picked up a CCK bone cleaver the other day to whack some chicken. My previous dexter bone cleaver was nabbed by my mother so I’ve been needing to pick up a new knife. I believe this is the CCK 九江刀Kau Kong Chopper model KF1401. It did quite a decent job breaking my chicken drumstick bones...
  5. mengosmoothie

    WTS Konosuke 210 | Mazaki 210

    Barry, very glad your mazaki sold. Looks like an awesome knife and the buyer should feel very lucky to have snagged a mazaki at such a great price.
  6. mengosmoothie

    WTS Konosuke 210 | Mazaki 210

    Awesome knife at an awesome price. Would pick this up if I didn't just order a 240mm Mazaki. Buyer should be very pleased with this pick up. GLWS!
  7. mengosmoothie

    WTS WTS Konosuke Sanjo 240mm SKD Acid-etched, Kurouchi Gyuto

    Wow that finish really is something else. Never seen a KU applied like that before. Looks great! GLWS
  8. mengosmoothie

    Sentimental custom knives

    Wow that knife is straight fire. Love that handle and leather saya. Never seen a saya made like that before. Looks great!
  9. mengosmoothie

    Sentimental custom knives

    Hey guys, Was just browsing the latest IG and noticed this set of knives from Bloodroot. The handles aren't really my style, but when I read the caption, I was absolutely floored. One of the coolest and most challenging aspects of our work is taking...
  10. mengosmoothie

    Raquin knives

    Thanks, that really piques my interest. Hopefully we can get @bryan03 to share his secret sauce about his killer grind.
  11. mengosmoothie

    Greetings from California!

    Thanks guys! :)
  12. mengosmoothie

    Kiyoshi Kato 240 Standard Gyuto Passaround

    I just want to say that refreshing this PA thread has been the highlight of my week, and given me more FOMO than staying home for coronavirus. Thanks for organizing @tgfencer
  13. mengosmoothie

    Raquin knives

    Thanks for sharing. It means a lot more when someone from within the trade praises a piece of work as GOOD. Do you mind sharing a little about the grind? What exactly is special about the way Raquin does the forge shaping. FWIW, this thread has been entertaining. I am a knife noob compared to...
  14. mengosmoothie

    Greetings from California!

    Have been a lurker for years and finally decided to create an account. My knife roll consists of a mixture of vintage sabatier and Japanese knives. Look forward to sharing photos very soon!
  15. mengosmoothie

    My favorite color is BLUE!.............A patina thread.

    wow that’s incredible. Thanks for sharing. It really makes you think about how to make your knife YOUR knife. How to personalize it. May I ask how you got the rose and diamond engraved? Did Watanabe do a custom build per your request, or you had the work done elsewhere?
  16. mengosmoothie

    Paper Towel Alternatives for Carbon Steel & Cast Iron Pans

    I have a dedicated yellow scotch brite for my cast iron and carbon steel. After a while, they will get pretty oily and loaded. At that time, I just throw some detergent onto the sponge and clean it out. Ready to keep using for ages.
  17. mengosmoothie

    Guests are fun, no?

    You are more generous and smarter host than I am. I hope we can all learn from this saint.
  18. mengosmoothie

    Another Northern California member

    Do you make your own wa handles as well?
  19. mengosmoothie

    A falling knife has no handle...

    You must pay blood tribute to the knife gods